July 13, 2022

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Networking Talent and Market Disruption

More and more leaders in the networking industry agree that networks need to evolve. Be less hardware-dependent and more software-based, so they becomes more agile – a platform for service innovation. Like the cloud. To compete with new cloud-based network service alternatives, the network needs to support rollout of new services faster, mix-and-match of different service offerings, and self-service.  Service providers will need to adopt such hyperscale clouds’ service methodologies to be more competitive.

Networking Talent and Market Disruption

Getting On Board

As the leading startup for ‘building networks like cloud,’ DriveNets aims to change the networking infrastructure space in the same way hyperscalers changed storage and compute – by building  a multi-service network infrastructure that can support multiple network functions and services over a single physical infrastructure with a shared pool of hardware – compute and networking resources. For DriveNets to succeed and take the lead in the market, we need a strong team of networking veterans who’d like to ‘do it again’ and transform the industry.

Last week, we announced the addition of three such experts to our leadership team. All three come from major global cloud and networking companies –including some of our competitors. We are thrilled to have James, John and Ryan join us. Not only because they bring incredible experience and talent (or because we really like them), but also because by joining us they validate DriveNets’ role as a disruptor and an agent of change in the industry.

What’s inspiring such senior leaders to embrace change and join a startup like DriveNets, leaving behind established companies alike Cisco, Juniper Networks, Nokia, and others?

What is DriveNets Network Cloud?
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Want to Change the Networking Industry

To support the growing demand for capacity and new applications — like artificial intelligence processing, online gaming, virtual reality and streaming services, as well as the expanding needs of remote workers and cloud connectivity, network operators are looking to economically scale their network and services, both at the Edge and the Core.

“DriveNets is recognized throughout the industry for its innovation and leadership in cloud-native networking, … That’s what drew me to join the company. I’m delighted to be part of this incredible team that is changing networking – an industry that hasn’t changed in years – and taking it to the cloud.”
 James Morgan, EVP Sales – Europe, formerly at Juniper Networks. 

Determine the Vision for an Industry

As an early DriveNets customer, AT&T believed in the disaggregated network vision, deploying DriveNets Network Cloud across their core backbone.  Now we’re supporting a big chunk of AT&T’s traffic with our clusters providing support for about 200 terabits per second.

This was the largest capacity that we installed in a production network. It goes without saying, you cannot go into AT&T without being carrier-grade, and without going through a rigorous testing process by the AT&T team. This comes to show that DriveNets is not just a disruptor, but a proven one. AT&T’s deployment and the credibility that we earned with it, opened the door to other innovative Tier-1 operators who are now doing the same.

“The company’s technology has gained the trust of its customers and is transforming an industry that hasn’t changed in decades. I look forward to playing a key role in expanding it across the Americas,
John Sweeney, EVP Sales – The Americas, formerly at Mavenir.

The Network that Got you Here Won’t Get You There

Network infrastructure planners have been looking at open networking for a long time and to transition to disaggregated architecture through standard white boxes. We proved that it is possible. We changed the market’s economical model, brought breakthrough innovations for services and acquired customers. With a bold, humorous marketing campaign, we showed why we are different. A series of funny clips graphically illustrated why the network’s traditional model needs to change.

It’s really time for a change.

DriveNets brings an Innovative approach. The entire networking world became virtualized, and this started from other networking domains. The old vendors simply won’t make the shift because of their lucrative legacy business,”
Ralph Condiloro, SVP Sales – APAC, formerly at Juniper Networks.

Get On the Right Track

When we came out of stealth mode four years ago, many folks from incumbent networking vendors – Juniper, Cisco, Arista and the likes – said that we are really smart, but our goal is too ambitious and won’t work. Now that it does, the competition is getting even stronger, especially as we win in PoCs and gain more customers.

Nevertheless, we were able to attract very smart people who loved the Network Cloud vision and believe that the market is heading there (btw, our competitors believe it too).  Our funding (Series B in 2021) certainly helped lure talent from our competition and ramp up infrastructure and operations teams towards our next phase of growth. “It’s people who drive business success,”  Ido Susan, co-founder and CEO.

“I joined DriveNets since I was inspired by the broad transformative potential of the team and technology. I’m excited about the opportunity to enable customers to shift their connectivity paradigm and grow their business.”
 Ryan Donnelly, SVP of Infrastructure, formerly at Salesforce

Seeking a Purpose with a Successful Track Record

Founded six years ago with the ambitious goal of radically changing the way networks are built and build network like cloud, DriveNets has raised over $318 million in two funding rounds, built a great team and deployed at the most innovative tier-1 network operators.

Even while dealing with COVID-19, our team stayed focused on serving our customers and growing our business. With our momentum growing, we are gaining traction and receiving positive reactions from our customers.

Would you like to join us?

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