Network Cloud Reliability Engineer


New Jersey, US


Network Cloud Reliability Engineer

Network Cloud Reliability Engineer

DriveNets is a fast-growing software company creating the networking infrastructure that will run a big chunk of the world’s data in the coming decades and enable our customers profit from the greatest demand surge in telco history, 5G deployments and the rise of new applications. ​Our flagship solution is called Network Cloud – a software-centric routing infrastructure that can grow linearly to unprecedented scale and run any service, at any scale, from centralized clouds. It applies hyperscale cloud approaches to SP networks, radically simplifying their network operational model, to enable extreme growth, rapid service innovation and accelerated economic profitability.


Job Overview:

Drivenets is currently seeking an inquisitive, technologically motivated, self-directed Network SRE to join our Operations team in the US. It will be your job to deliver exceptional customer service experience to Drivenets customers both internal and external.

In this role, you'll be part of a team that constantly adapts to new technologies, implements new solutions and develops monitoring systems for our multi-provider cloud solutions based on disaggregated routing products.

What you will do:

·       Provide world class technical service.

·       Diagnose service affecting issues in software/services delivered by various solutions.

·       Investigate, diagnose, and resolve performance and reliability problems in a wide range of large-scale and disaggregated environment. 

·       Use creative problem-solving skills to help customers implement the required solution.

·       Work with R&D to develop and test solutions, install and test new products and versions worldwide.

·       Develop tools to monitor network health, including metrics collection, visualization, and alerting.

·       Collaborate with Operation and Customer Success managers, PM's, and R&D to meet deadlines and ensure customer satisfaction.

·       Strong Team player with a high degree of flexibility.

·       Mentor and assist other support engineers worldwide.

·       Use your experience and initiative to help Drivenets continuously improve both processes and services.


What you should have:

·       Strong Linux system administration skills, including:

§ Linux Networking (such as vxlan, GRE tunnels, DNS, IP tables etc.)

§ Knowledge of Unix/Linux systems including kernel, systems libraries, file systems, and system resources monitoring.

§ Knowledge of saltstack.

·       Strong background in Virtualization and Container based solutions.

·       At least 3 years of Experience operating a production environment at high scale with emphasis on availability, throughput, latency and healthy customer experience.

·       Understand network fundamentals and modern architectures. Ability to deploy and troubleshoot basic Internet routing protocols such as BGP.

·       Experience with systems and network monitoring tools.

·       Programming skills, scripting languages & build tools: Python/Bash.

·       Understanding of Database (preferably Postgres) queries and management.

Who we are looking for:

·       You are focused on making significant contributions to large and impactful network engineering projects. You think beyond just the task at hand to deeply understand the 'why' behind what you are doing.

·       You are a broadly skilled engineer, focused on networking but with the breadth of knowledge necessary to support a wide variety of software and systems. With the ability to learn and adapt quickly to technologies and different working environments.

·       You work with confidence, without ego and do not crack under pressure. Our engineers have deep knowledge and exercise a high degree of leadership in their daily work. You have strongly-held, defensible ideas, and advocate for what you believe is right. You are also adept at identifying and evaluating trade-offs, willing to be proven wrong, and quick to walk through fire to support your fellow teammates.

·       You are a creative thinker, not bound by "the way things have always been done". What you know is less important than how well you learn and innovate. We don't need engineers who know all the answers; we need engineers who can invent the answers no one has thought of yet, to the questions yet to be asked.

·       You value, seek out, and foster diversity. We are a global team from many diverse backgrounds, with different experiences and perspectives. To complement this team, you will welcome ideas that are different from your own and be skilled at finding and building from common ground through excellent communication.