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Broadcom Unveils Industry’s Highest Performance Fabric for AI Networks

Media CoverageApril 18, 2023

Broadcom Unveils Industry’s Highest Performance Fabric for AI Networks

“DriveNets has successfully partnered with Broadcom to deploy the world’s largest Core Routers based on Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) architecture. The Jericho3-AI fabric raises the bar for AI cluster scales. The unique properties of this fabric’s, perfect load-balancing and Zero-Impact Failover combined with DriveNets’ DDC creates an industry-leading utilization for AI training and inference jobs. DriveNets NOS running on a Jericho J3 platform gives both hyperscalers and service providers a unique, unparalleled technological solution for future high-scale and AI networks.” Ido Susan​, Chief Executive Officer, DriveNets

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