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DriveNets Adds $7M Funding from Microsoft, Seagate & Palo Alto Networks Vets

Media CoverageJuly 8, 2019

DriveNets Adds $7M Funding from Microsoft, Seagate & Palo Alto Networks Vets

DriveNets, the networking software company, today announced the high profile strategic investors who have joined their $117M Series A round ($110 million was raised initially and now an additional $7 million has been raised as part of an extended Series A round):

  • Steve Luczo, chairman of the board of Seagate and its former CEO;
  • Mark McLaughlin, former CEO of Palo Alto Networks,
  • and John Thompson, chairman of the board of Microsoft.

Steve Luczo has also joined DriveNets’ Board of Directors. The new investors bring enormous business and industry experience that will help guide DriveNets as it pushes the boundaries of how CSPs build and pay for their networks and grow in profitability.

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