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DriveNets Boasts Cloud-Native Router Breakthrough

Media CoverageApril 17, 2019

DriveNets Boasts Cloud-Native Router Breakthrough

Cloud-native router startup DriveNets has followed up its February funding announcement by claiming its virtualized routing software, dubbed Network Cloud, can support 400G-per-port routing and be scaled up to a whopping 768 Tbit/s, making it (possibly) the highest capacity router on offer.

The “possibly” is a safety net for DriveNets : The company’s CEO, Ido Susan, says he’s 99.999% certain that others can’t match it. That, he says, is because incumbent router vendors are still pitching chassis-based hardware platforms with baked-in software that can only scale so far, whereas DriveNets is proposing a disaggregated architecture comprising its cloud-native, software-based system that runs on high-spec white box servers (running Broadcom’s Jericho2 software-on-chip switch-router merchant silicon).

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