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DriveNets Enters the AI Networking, A Market Expected to Exceed $10B by 2027

Media CoverageMay 23, 2023

DriveNets Enters the AI Networking, A Market Expected to Exceed $10B by 2027

DriveNets enters the AI networking market with a unique and proven architecture. Current solutions are based either on Ethernet Clos architecture, that is standard but cannot provide the required performance at scale, or proprietary solutions that have the right scale but ‘vendor lock’, DriveNets Network Cloud utilizes the OCP DDC (Open Compute Project Distributed Disaggregated Chassis) architecture which enable AI clusters to scale at a very high performance while keeping JCT to a minimum (much lower than with standard Ethernet). We note that this architecture runs the majority of AT&T’s traffic in the US and scales beyond the current needs of AI in terms of nodes. DriveNets brings this scale with impressive AI benchmarking results to a market that is trying to find an optimal solution. We view their entry as a positive for the industry as vendors stake their expertise in these new network designs.

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