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DriveNets Network Cloud to Support Broadcom J2C+

Media CoverageMay 12, 2021

DriveNets Network Cloud to Support Broadcom J2C+

DriveNets announced that DriveNets Network Cloud is the first high-scale routing solution to run on Broadcom’s Jericho 2c+ (J2C+) ASIC using a new white box, the NCP-36CD-S…

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The People Behind DriveNets: Ryan Donnelly

Meeting DriveNets CEO and co-founder, Ido Susan, Ryan was impressed with the ambition and scope behind...

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The Network Demand that (almost) Stole Christmas – Drivenets

As we reach the end of the year and get deeper into the holiday spirit, we’ve...

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A Pre-Pandemic Survey on Telecom Networks is Becoming a Reality

Last year, Cisco’s VNI report predicted that IP traffic would double in the next three years....

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