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Israeli telecom-software firm DriveNets emerges from stealth with $110M

Media CoverageFebruary 15, 2019

Israeli telecom-software firm DriveNets emerges from stealth with $110M

DriveNets announced its first round of financing to the tune of $110 million. The announcement marked the end of the networking-software startup’s two-year-plus self-funded stealth mode.

Applying network-as-a-service concepts to the service-provider market, the Israel-based company’s solution, Network Cloud, purports to have a scalable software stack for traffic routing that offers management tools and cost visibility—all while running on white boxes developed in partnership with Broadcom and Foxconn. The company already counts a North American Tier-1 provider as a customer that, according to DriveNets co-founder and CEO Ido Susan, generates an eight-figure revenue stream.

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