Flexible, innovative cloud-native 5G networking infrastructure

5G Solution

5G networks aim to bring to life new types of applications (i.e. IoT, self-driving cars, cloud-based gaming) to massive numbers of devices, ensuring low-latency, high bandwidth or security services.
This will lead to new operational and architectural constraints on 5G networks:

  • Low latency: minimizes delay, jitter and reduces backhauling costs
  • Optimize resources and performance: provides support at the central office level, while addressing power limits at the edge
  • High scale: supports the massive flow of expected 5G traffic
  • Open interfaces and standard architectures: removes vendor lock-in
  • Low cost solutions: increases 5G network profitability

The ideal 5G networking solution needs to provide flexible network services to the ever-changing needs of application workloads wherever they run, whether at the core or at the network edge (“edge cloud”). The best option is a compute-oriented, software-driven networking solution that supports high scale at the lowest cost.

DriveNets Network Cloud solution enables 5G service providers to deploy the right 5G networking infrastructure at the lowest cost.

DriveNets Network Cloud is a disaggregated high-scale SP networking solution based on cloud-native software, standard networking white boxes and COTS x86 servers.

DriveNets Network Cloud comprises:

  • Hardware-assisted forwarding fabric (forwarding plane) –The forwarding plane is a massive Disaggregated Distributed Chassis (DDC) built upon merchant silicon that allows non-blocking communication between the Network Cloud compute plane devices and the external world. It is based on NCP (Network Cloud Packet Forwarder) and NCF (Network Cloud Fabric) white boxes.
  • Management plane – The management plane encompasses all of the management components needed to allow the Network Cloud to function. All device provisioning and life cycle management takes place on this plane. This is the DriveNets Orchestrator (DNOR) a management application running on an x86 server.
  • Compute plane – The compute resources are connected both to the management plane and to the forwarding plane. The connection to the management plane allows the orchestrator to manage the VNF/CNFs residing on the compute plane. DriveNets network functions maintain the cluster connection to the network by using traditional network protocols that reside here as well.

Flexible, innovative cloud-native 5G networking infrastructure

The tight, but flexible, integration between DriveNets Network Cloud’s forwarding and x86/compute functions creates new opportunities for 5G networks, supporting the creation and deployment of any VNF/CNF as new value-added services for generating new revenue streams.

  • 5G network slicing and segment routing
  • Hardware forwarding assistance to services like NAT, BNG, Firewall, 5G user plane functions or caching
  • Compute/storage resources to services like IoT, 5G control plane functions

Centralized network orchestration and open APIs

Successful 5G networks require end-to-end visibility, control and automation. DriveNets Network Cloud solution offers a built-in centralized orchestration and management platform that exposes open APIs to multi-domain network controllers that provides:

  • Open, standard interfaces for integration at network domain, cluster and element levels
  • Full lifecycle management and orchestration – for white boxes and network software (zero touch provisioning, in-service software upgrades)
  • Network instrumentation support (network slicing and steering)


DriveNets Network Cloud delivers a dramatic improvement in 5G network economic models owing to simplification, automation, and efficient resource utilization.
The platform supports:

  • Lower power consumption with a combination of compute/networking white boxes
  • Software-based license model that aligns profitability growth with traffic growth
  • Low-cost white boxes and COTS x86 servers that substantially lowers the hardware investment
  • Decreased network engineering, service assurance and certification costs
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