VideosJanuary 11, 2022

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Time to Build Networks Like Cloud

The old rule of a “single service router” typifies much of today’s network architecture. This means that each service, whether a mobile backhaul, provider edge, business service, internet peering or core network, is tightly coupled with its own batch of dedicated chassis-based routers, for connectivity.  The classic chassis, which was, and still is, the basis for most networking functions is built in a manner that drives inherently inefficient resource utilization, and therefore a sub-optimal CapEx and OpEx structure. There are wasted resources in almost any monolithic router deployed in any specific network scenario. Those resources are a major part of the router cost-structure, so the outcome of that, is that operators pay for hardware resources they do not use, regardless of network growth trajectory.

DriveNets Network Cloud solution addresses this inefficiency and offers operators a way to significantly increase their resource utilization while gaining service & architecture flexibility, optimal scaling and software-paced innovation and time to market.  DriveNets Network Cloud is built – in a disaggregated, cloud native architecture. This means the hardware resources of a cluster of multiple white boxes are abstracted by the DriveNets Networking Operating System (DNOS) to a level in which it is consumed as a virtualized resource pool. Each networking function, which runs a containerized Service Instance (SI), can be allocated with its required hardware resource (Physical interfaces, NPU, CPU, TCAM, QoS etc.) out of the underlaying shared hardware infrastructure.