VideosJanuary 11, 2022

Scale the network without a forklift.

One white box at a time​

In the planning phase or in the event of failure, traditional monolithic routers can create many limitations due to their size and in-flexible architecture. Traditional monolithic routers require costly and time-consuming processes of scaling, maintenance, and planning. The result is usually forklifts and the installation of a brand-new chassis model, replacing the entire system.

DriveNets Network Cloud solution offers a single disaggregated networking solution for building core, edge, peering, and access network, as well as an open, scalable, simple, and cost-effective approach.  Drivenets Network Cloud is different, it is based on a small form factor, only 2 rack units high, standard white boxes (NCP and NCF), which are deployable across all network domains, and can scale one box at a time up to a cluster size of 691Tbps. service and maintenance are simple as well, it’s possible to replace any white box (NCP and NCF) on-the-spot without replacing the whole chassis.