June 30, 2021

VP Global Strategic Alliances

Building an Open Network with Channel Partners

DriveNets Network Cloud changes the way networks are built. Bringing cloud architecture to network infrastructure, it enables operators and cloud service providers to leverage lowest costs, optimal scaling, and software-pace innovations.

Building an Open Network with Channel Partners

As an open, disaggregated, distributed and cloud-native architecture, the DriveNets solution is based on multiple partnerships, allowing the network owner to build a best-of-breed infrastructure.

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NCNF: From Network on a Cloud to Network Cloud

DriveNets cooperates with four types of partners:

  • Channel partners: providing local integration, implementation, support and other services
  • Technology partners: providing technology building blocks that enable higher performance and scale
  • Hardware partners: offering a variety of hardware options upon which the DriveNets software solution can be implemented
  • Application partners: adding network functionality such as security and 5G to the solution ecosystem

DriveNets is continuously expanding our partner ecosystem, thereby allowing any customer, in any location and any network scenario, to choose best-of-breed building blocks for its network.

A lot of the operators have discovered if you move away from the house brands to the young companies like DriveNets, they tend to be more agile.

Joe Baeumel, VP of Partner Strategy and Business Development, KGPCo

Why should you become a DriveNets channel partner?

  • Access disruptive technology: Enrich your portfolio by accessing DriveNets’ new technologies and architectures that are changing the way networks are built.
  • Differentiate your positioning: Embrace the cutting edge and don’t be left behind with aging technologies that become irrelevant to service providers.
  • Increase your business: Complement DriveNets’ software-only solution by providing hardware and/or integration services for additional revenues and profits.
  • Build long-term engagements: Better engage with your customers over time by offering increased day-two support services.
  • Access ecosystem innovation: Leverage the innovation driven by DriveNets’ technology and hardware partners.

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NCNF: From Network on a Cloud to Network Cloud