More Than Just Technology​
Leverage our field experience, skillsets, integration capabilities and ecosystem management as you enter the new world of cloud-native networks. With extensive experience on multiple global Tier-1 operator deployments, DriveNets guarantees a safe and customized network lifecycle, from the design and integration phases through deployment and support of DriveNets Network Cloud solution.
The Services you Need

Ensure Smooth Deployment​

DriveNets ensures the smooth deployment of the Network Cloud infrastructure, delivering:​

  • Ecosystem management, to ensure aligned roadmaps and hardware/software compatibility​
  • Easy site planning and installation for rapid installation​
  • Simplified logistics and inventory​
  • Automated, fast, error-free provisioning​

Monitor and Maintain Network Health

With DriveNets Network Cloud, you can simplify network monitoring and operations:​

  • Automated troubleshooting and root-cause analysis​
  • End to end management and support for hardware and software
  • Short maintenance windows with automated software upgrades per component

Achieve Operational Excellence​

Reach operational excellence with DriveNets’ customized technical services with:​

  • Highly qualified experts to support & advance your networks​
  • Focus on ongoing innovation & network transformation ​
  • Faster ROI by addressing your specific needs ​
  • Training and Certification program

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The Expected Results

  • Modular design for site pre-conditioning and to adhere to any site constraints
  • Common process to for all sites – less training, less site revisits
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Common hardware for less configuration to validate
  • Automated, script-based hardware testing and validation
  • COTS optics
  • One design process and ease of expansion
  • Modular design
  • Better management and reporting tools (DNOR)
  • Simplified sourcing with only 6 SKUs
  • Standard components
  • Low incremental cost – two small form factor modules with 4Tbps steps
  • Lightweight deployment
  • Minimum maintenance windows – adding capacity does not require any service interruption
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