November 2, 2021

Head of Product Strategy

Test Yourself – Are You an Innovative Service Provider?

Sure you are! But let’s discuss it a bit.

Innovation is a value most operators are claiming to be one of their core ones. When it comes to services they provide to their customers/subscribers, innovation means competitiveness, revenues, and prestige.

But innovation is not only a marketing declaration, it is an integral part of an organization’s DNA and requires a certain way of thinking across the entire group, from the infrastructure, engineering, and operations departments, through the CFO and marketing offices and up to the CEO.

Test Yourself – Are You an Innovative Service Provider?

So, are you an innovative service provider? It’s time to test yourself.

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A. How do you feel about changing the way you build your network?

  1. Change is the goal! If you do not constantly change, you are left behind.
  2. Change is necessary only if you need to evolve and stay competitive.
  3. Change is a necessary evil. It is painful, but sometimes inevitable.
  4. Change creates costs and risks that should be avoided – “Why fix it if it’s not broken?”

B. Over the last decade, did the way you build your network change?

  1. I build the network in a hyperscale manner today.
  2. Yes, but it’s an evolution, not a revolution.
  3. Only when and where there was a clear and significant value in changing.
  4. I still build it exactly like I did 20 years ago.

C. How do you enjoy your music?

  1. Random picks with apps. Spotify knows me better than I know myself
  2. I have my playlist and whichever app plays it, it is good for me.
  3. Whatever is on the radio.
  4. Vinyl records. Nothing beats the sound of a good scratch.

D. Did you embrace disaggregation in any of your network domains?

  1. Yes, in multiple network domains.
  2. Yes, in one network domain.
  3. Yes, but only in the lab.
  4. No.

E. How does disaggregation and cloud-native infrastructure reflect on your operational organization?

  1. My operational organization and skillset evolved in parallel to my infrastructure update.
  2. The operational organization is getting there, but it takes longer than the technology shift.
  3. My operations didn’t change; Rather, I customized the new infrastructure to suit my existing operational practice.
  4. I did not change the organization because there was no need to.

F. What is the goal of disaggregation and cloud-native infrastructure in your network?

  1. First – enable new services and revenue streams; second – reduce costs.
  2. Cost reduction only.
  3. Price pressure on existing vendors.
  4. I do not really know.

G. Your favorite NBA team is

  1. Golden State Warriors – they changed the game (just as we are changing our networks…)
  2. Chicago Bulls – best team ever!
  3. Boston Celtics – as Red used to say, “Irish must stick together.”
  4. Whatever, whatever – my hometown team.

H. How long does it take you to deploy a new service in your network?

  1. Just say when? Where? And how many you want?
  2. It depends… SW/HW? Scale? SLA? Location? Etc…
  3. Let’s see… Next maintenance window is in the fall…
  4. Hold on… We just launched a new service last winter…

I. What is your engagement model with your infrastructure vendors?

  1. I control my own destiny. Vendors provide boxes and a manual.
  2. I close pricing with the vendors, and they work it out via my trusted SI.
  3. Dual vendor and they deal with each other.
  4. One vendor takes care of everything., typically on a turn-key basis.

J. To what extent do you use automation in your network?

  1. Any task that repeats itself must be automized.
  2. Wherever it increases efficiency and scalability.
  3. Only where my vendors suggest I do.
  4. Never – I trust only humans.

K. Your favorite sitcom is

  1. No favorite. I watch them all and there are new ones all the time.
  2. ‘Modern Family’ is my new favorite. You know… it’s modern.
  3. Is this another Friends/Seinfeld comparison? No-brainer! It’s clearly “beep…”
  4. Dated back to when I was in my 20’s…

L. Innovation, for you, is:

  1. The goal.
  2. A mean to an end.
  3. A tool.
  4. A buzzword.

M. Do you seek to expand your customer base and service offering?

  1. All the time. If you do not move forward, you are moving backwards.
  2. But it’s not like I wake up every day with this thought in my head…
  3. From time to time when opportunity knocks…
  4. No – I have an excellent customer base. No need to look elsewhere.

N. How do you define your job?

  1. Visionary – I want to change the world.
  2. Innovative – I am always looking to learn more.
  3. Practical – a job is a job.
  4. Methodical – taking care of all the steps in my position.

Time to find out what’s your score!

Your score:

13-28: You are a pioneer. You are ready to face challenges by adopting new technologies, practices, and business initiatives. You are well positioned to grab new market share and to leverage new revenue streams.

29-42: You are a cautious pragmatist. You understand the value of innovation, but you are very careful in adopting new technologies and practices. You are reactive to risks and can mitigate them, but you do not leverage the full potential of your business

43-57: You are a conservative follower. You do things as you have always done and believe this will be a valid method of operations forever. Your business is at risk.

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