Infrastructure Business Analyst

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Infrastructure Business Analyst 

Location: US/Europe/Israel (WFH)  


DriveNets, a leader in cloud-native networking software and network disaggregation solutions, offers communications service providers and cloud providers a radical new way to build networks and drive networks. By disrupting the fundamental scaling and economic characteristics of the Internet, DriveNets enables carriers to build networks like clouds. 

The Role 

The Infrastructure Business Analyst is responsible for overseeing the budgetary, contractual, legal, forecasting and procurement interlocks and sources of truth for DriveNets’ global infrastructure portfolio.  

They are drawn to disruptive technology and are excited by the idea of building something new. They are extremely organized, a clear, elegant and articulate communicator, and understand how to push and pull information from finance, procurement and legal partners to ensure that the infrastructure and administrative areas of the company operate in lockstep.  

This individual is driven, highly empathetic, fearlessly kind, and believes in the concept of exhibiting and soliciting personal authenticity without compromise. They are extremely detail-oriented and are excited about enabling DriveNets’ infrastructure mission through exceptional financial, legal and contractual management.  


  • Act as the single point of contact for DriveNets’ infrastructure business operations (legal, procurement, financial, contractual) 
  • Implement and curate a closed-loop interlock with the finance, legal and procurement organizations to ensure that: 
  • Our contractual obligations are well-documented and various deadlines are understood and actioned. 
  • Our planned and actual budget is tightly aligned with finance.  
  • Our planned deployments are forecasted well in advance with the right procurement organizations, ensuring that assets are available at time of need. 
  • Interlock with program management to ensure that the build/operate/augment/decom programs are correctly represented with the necessary internal partners.  
  • Create and publish easy-to-understand models of our contractual liabilities, key dates, financial impacts and risks to program management and executive leadership. 
  • Regularly report on and track deltas from plan in status meetings/vehicles.  
  • Work with legal and finance to execute new contractual vehicles as needed. 
  • Create and manage a document/contracts repository that is easily indexed to the infrastructure it supports. 
  • 100% of contractual deadlines and obligations are positively understood and acknowledged/actioned. 



  • Be kind. 
  • Have 7+ years of consumer webscale or multi-national carrier progressive infrastructure business management experience.  
  • Details are your passion. You completely understand our financial, contractual and procurement picture. Absolutely nothing gets past you.  
  • Flexibility and adaptability are key – we are a dynamic company and need to ensure that our business management functions are equally fungible. 
  • You are the single interface between the infrastructure organization and finance, legal and procurement. 
  • Be well-versed enough in the technology DriveNets is developing to be able to question the veracity of what you are being told, and to be a part of a technical dialogue. You don’t just collect information; you understand what it means. 
  • Possess impeccable written and verbal communication skills.  
  • Produce clear, correct, timely, easy-to-understand reporting artifacts that describe every facet of the state of the infrastructure business. 
  • Be present in every meeting you attend. Represent DriveNets’ interests professionally and empathetically.  
  • Be able to speak to the details of the business functions you own, not just the ‘high level.’  
  • You and infrastructure program management are two sides of the same coin. You are in lockstep 100% of the time. 
  • You create a culture that drives people to give you the information you need to describe the state of our business. When they don’t, you are polite, yet persistent in obtaining it. 
  • You readily provide information to our internal partners when asked, or when you believe they need it. 
  • Transparency is a fundamental precept of how you operate. 
  • Be able to structure your work hours to ensure good alignment with partners in both the various US and UTC+2 timezones. 


More About DriveNets 

Established six years ago, DriveNets is radically changing the way networks are built, with the ambition of making networks as good as hyperscale cloud infrastructures. Having raised over $550 million in three funding rounds, DriveNets is valued at more than $1 billion. Based in Israel with locations in Romania, US, and Japan as well as extended teams, DriveNets operations cover more than 18 countries. DriveNets Network Cloud is a cloud-native software solution that turns the physical network into a shared resource, supporting multiple network services in the most efficient way possible, offering telco-scale performance and elasticity at a much lower cost than incumbent monolithic routers. Already deployed across AT&T's core backbone, DriveNets is engaged with nearly 100 customers, doubling bookings year over year. With recognition by industry analysts and through numerous industry awards, DriveNets is pushing market momentum, allowing for faster service innovation from the network core to the edge.

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