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DRIVENETS is driving and leading the next generation networks with our Network Cloud solution.

DRIVENETS was founded to solve the “data explosion challenge” - one of the biggest challenges for service providers, content providers, public cloud and enterprises.

Our cutting-edge technology and Network Cloud solution has created a paradigm shift in the economy of networks. With smart and super high-performance bit processing on merchant silicon and commodity hardware, we enable new revenue opportunities as well as lower costs and sustainable growth for our customers, even as Internet usage explodes.


The role includes supporting DRIVENETS SaaS offering, running on AWS. The role requires a high level of independence, the team has a vast array of responsibilities. Each team member must be able to learn and progress on his own.

The role responsibilities are:

  • Build and maintain observability tool and enhance observability skills (Monitoring/logging/incident management)
  • Production ownership (deploying/reverting and controlling the production content)
  • Proactive actions (HA/Scaling)
  • Cost control and FinOps (Cost Optimisation)
  • Automation for production
  • Escalation for bugs and CS escalations (on-call rotation)


The role requires a high level of creativity. The team has to solve many unique issues with cutting edge technologies.

The role requires a high level of responsibility. The product is used in critical infrastructure environments. The largest TELCOs in the world. Security & reliability are a major concerns.


·        3+ years of relevant SRE work experience

·        AWS eco-system (EKS,Aurora Postgres,Redis,RabbitMQ,Elastic,S3,CloudFront,Lambdas)

·        IaC (Pulumi,Helm,Terraform)

·        K8s,Docker, and micro-services

·        Top troubleshooting skills

·        Positive and collaborative attitude

Nice to have:

·        TypeScript

·        Observability tools (DataDog)

·        Experience with Jenkins as a CI system

·        Experience with networking