Software Engineer - Infrastructure Reliability Engineering

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Software Engineer, Infrastructure Reliability Engineering 

Locations: Central or Eastern US/Europe/Israel



DriveNets, a leader in cloud-native networking software and network disaggregation solutions, offers internet service and cloud providers a radical new way to build and drive networks. By disrupting the fundamental scaling and economic characteristics of the internet, DriveNets enables carriers to build networks like clouds. 

The Role 

The Infrastructure Reliability Engineering team is responsible for writing and running the software which instruments, visualizes, and interacts with DriveNets’ infrastructure. The ideal candidate for this role has deep infrastructure automation and instrumentation experience at consumer webscale or with a multi-national carrier. 

They are drawn to disruptive technology and are excited by the idea of building something new. They can balance business velocity with clever design and implementation choices and are unafraid to provide constructive feedback to peers and any level of leadership.  

This person is driven, highly empathetic, fearlessly kind, and believes in the concept of exhibiting and soliciting personal authenticity without compromise.  


  • Design and build a full-scope infrastructure and services instrumentation, alerting, and automation platform 
  • Create a change management platform and process in partnership with the engineering and operations teams to safely deploy changes to infrastructure 
  • Collect, process, and visualize network and service metrics and state data 
  • Utilize modern engineering practices for developing, deploying, and operating large software systems. 


  • Be kind 
  • Believe in tight partnerships with engineering and operations, ensuring that automation deliveries are driven by business need 
  • Understand and deeply focus on the real-world benefit your systems and products will have on our customers and users 
  • Be driven by, and have a bias toward, autonomy: you’ll be given context on the problems we’re trying to solve rather than tasks to complete 
  • Be invested in the long-term view: while we need to deliver value this month and this quarter, we need to avoid excessive technical debt and other forms of unnecessary complications that will serve us poorly in the future 
  • Demonstrate expertise with an object-oriented programming language: you don’t have to be a distributed systems expert, but you must have experience beyond basic Python scripting 
  • Have experience in the infrastructure (networking, compute, or storage) automation space
  • Have experience with modern CI/CD practices
  • Have great verbal and written communication skills 

 More About DriveNets 

Established six years ago, DriveNets is radically changing the way networks are built, with the ambition of making networks as good as hyperscale cloud infrastructures. The company has raised over $550 million in funding to date. Based in Israel with locations in Romania, US, and Japan as well as extended teams, DriveNets operations cover more than 18 countries. DriveNets Network Cloud is a cloud-native software solution that turns the physical network into a shared resource, supporting multiple network services in the most efficient way possible, offering telco-scale performance and elasticity at a much lower cost than incumbent monolithic routers. Already deployed across AT&T's core backbone, DriveNets is engaged with nearly 100 customers, doubling bookings year over year. With recognition by industry analysts and through numerous industry awards, DriveNets is pushing market momentum, allowing for faster service innovation from the network core to the edge. Visit our website: