QA Engineer- Network Orchestration

DevTest & Automation



DRIVENETS is looking for an experienced QA Engineer to join our Network Orchestration division


Create and execute complex testing scenarios according to requirements document

Responsibility over all QA environments, including maintenance and functionality

• Basic Networking knowledge (30%)

○ Understanding well basic routing (e.g., what is RIB, work of static route)

○ How to work with a router (e.g., ssh , how the configuration of the router is done, SNMP 101 - advantage )

○ Management system 101 ( how to manage a routing instance, what is the roles of the management system) – advantage.

• QA Methodology

○ How a test plan looks and build

○ How do we test a new product (main points to validate for a quality product)

• Sysadmin capabilities

○ Linux fundamentals (how to work with a linux system and test/locate issues)

○ Basic code capabilities (ability to read code and understand it). - strong advantage

○ bash/python coding - advantage

○ GitHub/jenkins familiarity (how it works, how to use it) - advantage

• How to work with APIs(25%)

○ RESTAPI types, structure, usage

○ How to work with APIs tools

• UI/UX – understand how a user should work with the system, reflect user "opinion" on the user flows(20%)

• Ability to work with DBs(25%)

○ DB structures, usage

○ How to use it

• Orch. Methodology and overview – strong advantage

○ What is Netconf how it works?

○ What is gRPC how it works?


  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • At least 3 years’ experience in client and server side software testing -
  • Experience working with databases and Web based systems -advantage
  • Experience working with Linux
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in Python/Selenium/Java/JavaScript/C# automation development - advantage
  • Knowledge in networking, basic routing and switching, how network operate
  • Experience with Docker containers - advantage
  • Familiarity and experience with testing in Agile work processes
  • High level of English
  • The ability to work in a dynamic environment with tight deadlines
  • Fast learner who grasps processes quickly, learns well on their own
  • A team player
  • Familiarity with web services