Bringing the simplicity and visibility of cloud orchestration to DriveNets Network Cloud

DriveNets Network Orchestrator (DNOR) automates the deployment, scaling and management of the DriveNets Network Cloud solution.

Unlike the traditional monolithic router chassis that a single vendor sells as an integrated solution, the components of the disaggregated network are sold by multiple vendors, creating the perception of extra complexity, and raising operational concerns about the new disaggregated network model.

DNOR is designed to solve these challenges, integrating multi-vendor white box hardware and cloud-native DNOS software into a single-entity routing solution that can scale from a single white-box to hundreds of white boxes.

Similar to cloud orchestration solutions, DNOR brings the cloud’s operational simplicity, automation and visibility to DriveNets Network Cloud, helping to accelerate the deployment of cloud-native networks.

Using the benefits of cloud-native capabilities inherent to DriveNets Network Cloud, DNOR manages the deployment and upgrades of base OS, firmware and containerized software, reducing maintenance windows, improving reliability as well as simplifying the introduction and deployment of new hosted services – from networking to 5G – on Network Cloud’s virtualized shared infrastructure.

DNOR’s advanced automation, visibility and deep insights – from hardware-components to software containers – accelerate troubleshooting, increasing network availability and performance.


Automated Operations

With advanced automation, DNOR automates the lifecycle management of DriveNets Network Cloud’s resources and services – from provisioning to decommissioning, including:

  • Zero-touch provisioning
    Automatically integrate multi-vendor white box hardware and DNOS software into a working routing solution.
  • Modular software orchestration
    Automate the full life cycle management of the entire software stack at the level of a specific component, including firmware, base OS, NOS container and hosted service – across nodes, clusters and the entire network.
  • Automated scale-up and scale-down
    Automatically provision and enable adding or removing a new white box into a Network Cloud cluster, without impacting service or causing downtime.


  • Shorter maintenance windows
    Reduce maintenance windows for software and service upgrades
  • Simplified operations
    Manage any-size multi-vendor cluster as a single entity with deep visibility
  • Improved reliability
    Support container orchestration, automatic scaling and fail-overs, and self-healing

Multi-Service Orchestration

Built as a next-generation orchestrating system, DNOR is ready to not only manage network elements, but also to provision services.

It enables the deployment, scaling, management, of networking and third-party services hosted on the shared DriveNets Network Cloud infrastructure:

  • Automated deployment and scale
    Use container-based orchestration for networking and 3rd party hosted services
  • Standard open APIs for 3rd party integration
    Easily integrate with end-to-end systems management (orchestration, inventory, OSS/BSS, analytics)


  • Accelerate time-to-revenue for third party services
    Deploy any service, anywhere, on any port at any scale
  • Best shared infrastructure use of resources
    Maximize resource utilization among hosted services while ensuring service level requirements

DNOR screen multiservices

End-to-end Health Monitoring and Assurance

With complete network visibility, DNOR collects a wealth of data about DriveNets Network Cloud, monitoring the health of clusters and the network, as well as facilitating troubleshooting and debugging faults.

  • Granular cluster topology view
    View of cluster nodes in real-time – properties and status of hardware and software components
  • Advanced fault/performance management
    Use real-time alarm monitoring, alarm correlation and automated root cause analysis, as well as advanced analytics, tech support integration
  • Customizable dashboards
    Expedite network troubleshooting and get full visibility across the entire network in open, customizable, intuitive network performance dashboards.


  • Fast troubleshooting
    Quickly detect problems and fix them, making remote technical support easy with integrated tools
  • Ensure network availability and performance
    Reduce mean-time-to-resolve with proactive monitoring
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