Unleash disaggregated networks

DriveNets Network Orchestrator (DNOR) is purposely-designed to address the unique challenges that Communication Service Providers (CSP) face when deploying, integrating and managing a disaggregated network. Centrally orchestrating the smooth operation of every Network Cloud element, DNOR delivers carrier-grade scalable manageability with end-to-end automation and data-driven decision making.

Fully Automated Lifecycle Management

DNOR deploys a fully automatic process to turn the discrete and disaggregated software and hardware elements of Network Cloud into complete routing entities. From zero-touch installation to hitless decommissioning, DNOR manages the full lifecycle of every Network Cloud element, both separately and as a whole.

Disaggregated networks present an integration and orchestration challenge. Hardware and software from multiple providers and locations need to come together at the right time and in the right sequence in order to create a manageable whole. This challenge is even more important in the case of Network Cloud, with its unprecedented scalability and cluster-driven extreme port density.

  • DNOR was built for this task – from assembling a standalone disaggregated router to building huge routing clusters.
  • DNOR automates the entire network lifecycle and provides an intuitive user interface to control and track every process, from Network Cloud deployment to the addition of services through upgrade.
  • DNOR provides northbound APIs for easy integration with third party orchestrators, OSS/BSS and inventory management systems.

Network intelligence &

With complete network visibility, DNOR collects a wealth of data about Network Cloud – including performance metrics, fault statistics and traffic data.

  • Generates a unique end-to-end visibility of the network and its behavior. This data is accessible through an intuitive user interface.
  • Applies advanced AI analytics tools, and will enable machine learning-based operations of the network (future release of DNOR).
  • Predicts faults, congestion and potential optimizations and configures Network Cloud to avoid or take advantage of such developments.

Next-generation Service Provisioning

Coupling network intelligence with complete software-centric gear control, future releases of DNOR will take a central position in the service orchestration stack.
DNOR is built as a next-generation orchestrating system that is ready not only to manage network elements, but also to provision services.

  • Network Cloud’s consolidated and unified network model enables a simplified and highly automatic service creation chain.
  • DNOR takes advantage of that capability to provision network-wide services simply and automatically.
  • Future releases will support multiple service models, including self-service modules that will allow end customers to order and provision services on tap.