BrochuresJanuary 8, 2023

5 Reasons to Include DriveNets in Your Next Network RFP

While parts of the networking world have moved to software and cloud-native architectures, most networks remain hardware- centric. Such networks are not taking advantage of newer software technologies that enable improved economic models, better resource utilization, and high service scaling.
5 reasons to include DriveNets in your next procurement RFP DriveNets Network Cloud, changes the operational and economic model of the network, allowing it to scale capacity and services much faster while increasing service provider profitability.

Direct network costs are reduced thanks to less hardware, standardized form factors, and a modular software-based model.

  • Achieve savings through a cloud shared resource model
  • Apply cost avoidance measures on network scale
  • Reduce inventory and attain target/ budgeted pricing
  • Increase supply chain robustness by mixing-and-matching vendors
  • Protect network investments against technological obsolescence

Like hyperscalers, this approach leads to significant cost savings from higher resource utilization and economies of scale.

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