CollateralMarch 30, 2023

DriveNets Network Cloud Solution

DriveNets Network Cloud is a software-based, high-scale, open networking solution based on cloud-native architecture and standard networking white boxes that provides a shared compute and networking infrastructure to run any service, on any port, at any scale.
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Taking inspiration from cloud-native, virtualized architecture of hyperscale clouds and adapting it to high-scale networks, DriveNets Network Cloud allows service and cloud operators to build their networks like cloud and to leverage the cost, flexibility and innovation benefits of this new architecture. Today’s networks are based on proprietary hardware-centric router infrastructure, with dedicated resources that cannot be shared as a pool of network resources, resulting in an inefficient and costly physical infrastructure.

This architecture offers:

  • the most efficient way to build networks
  • significantly reduces the amount of hardware resources required in the network
  • leads to lower costs, optimal scaling and ease of innovation

DriveNets Network Cloud brings an efficient operational model that’s as simple to operate as traditional networks, advancing cloud benefits in the whole network.