CollateralAugust 18, 2021

DriveNets Training & Certification Brochure

The adoption of network cloud architectures is growing fast. As networks evolve to cloud-native, software-based architectures, the skills required to design, deploy and operate these disaggregated networks must adapt as well.
New call-to-action Unfortunately, the growing demand for cloud-native and network-centric expertise is running against a shortage of engineers, planners and operational professionals with the relevant skills. As the industry’s leading provider of high-scale network disaggregation solutions, DriveNets provides a rich training and certification program on network disaggregation technologies, operations and how the leading solution on the market today – DriveNets Network Cloud – will revolutionize networks. DriveNets’ training and certification is available to communications service providers (CSP) and cloud provider professionals, in addition to DriveNets’ customers and partners, aiming at developing deep expertise in disaggregation and DriveNets Network Cloud solutions. DriveNets’ courses are available both online and onsite.

With DriveNets training and certification, you will:

  • Learn about the most advanced and disruptive network technologies, such as cloud native, disaggregated network architecture, networking white boxes, and more
  • Identify new opportunities for network improvement for aggregation, edge and data center interconnect
  • Develop a practical skill set with hands-on tasks, projects, and exams
  • Grow your career as a DriveNets-certified professional