a smooth Network Cloud deployment
DriveNets takes the lead in bringing your Network Cloud solution to deployment, working in-synch with value-added resellers and system integrators. We make sure our software runs smoothly on certified hardware, delivering a high-performance solution with hardware and software that is easy to acquire, install and configure. DriveNets and our partners provide solution certification and simplify planning and installation, ensuring a smooth Network Cloud integration with your existing network.
Solution integrity and performance
Rely on a certified carrier-grade system managed by DriveNets
Simple installation and configuration
Simplify planning, logistics and installation, and automate provisioning
Safe transition and gradual scaling
Start with growth traffic and gradually expand capacity and services
Ensure Success

Simple site planning and installation

  • Enjoy small-sized, lightweight, low power and low cable density hardware that spans multiple racks (for easy cooling and power management)
  • Apply just one technician and rely on a standard skillset for rapid installation and avoid the long planning efforts, complex forklift implementations

Simplified logistics and inventory

  • Common, small size hardware across all network locations simplifies order management, logistics and spare management
  • Buy software from DriveNets and hardware from ODM vendors or go through value-added resellers (VAR)

Automated provisioning

  • DNOR automates hardware configuration and software load for fast, error-free provisioning to avoid traditional pre-production failures of monolithic chassis
  • Out-of-the box DNOR northbound REST APIs
  • Perform rack qualification once for all (same two hardware building blocks), avoiding qualification per hardware model or network domain


services for design, deployment and migration

DriveNets provides the following services for design, deployment and migration:

  • Remote/onsite PoC
  • System design, architecture, test and planning
  • Solution roadmap
  • Capacity and service planning
  • Hardware certification
  • Software provisioning on white boxes

DriveNets partners with a value-added reseller/system integrator to provide the following services:

  • Rack certification
  • IT integration
  • Sourcing, logistics and warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Site survey
  • Rack/site planning and installation (power, cabling, cooling)
  • Hardware configuration
  • Turn-up
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