March 3, 2021

Head of Product Strategy

A Recap of Networking Field Day 24

Networking Field Day is an event that brings together technologists and practitioners as delegates to discuss industry innovations and advancements. On Thursday, February 25, DriveNets presented at Network Field Day 24 to an audience of about a dozen hand-picked networking experts, while simultaneously being live-streamed online. This gave us a chance to share what’s been new at DriveNets (including my joining the team this year) and presenting a live demo showing multiple routers running on the same infrastructure.

A Recap of Networking Field Day 24

How DriveNets is Building Networks like Cloud

Building networks like cloud is a big statement.

So to boil it down, I shared how DriveNets is introducing a radical new way to build networks, enabling higher capacity and services scale at a much lower cost.  We are disaggregating the network infrastructure at multiple levels with our cloud-native software running over standard networking white boxes, offering service and cloud provider networks the same gains already being felt in the datacenter.

DriveNets Network Cloud uniquely supports the complete virtualization of network and compute resources, enabling communication service providers and cloud providers to meet growing service demands much more efficiently than with today’s monolithic routers.

Our software can easily scale network capacity just by adding additional white boxes into physical network clusters. This unique distributed, disaggregated network model enables the physical infrastructure to operate as a shared resource that supports multiple networks and services.

Our Broad Portfolio of Networking Use Cases

I went on to explain how the DriveNets Network Cloud solution now supports various networking use cases, from a cloud perspective. This is transforming telecommunication networks and laying down the infrastructure of the future.

The Deep Dive: DriveNets Multiservice Architecture

Amir Krayden VP R&D Architecture took everyone on a deep dive into the DriveNets Network Cloud architecture, showing how it follows a disaggregated model with the cloud-native software disaggregated from the hardware on which it runs, supporting white boxes from multiple vendors based on an open design.

This session explores how DriveNets creates hardware abstraction from white boxes, turning them into a unified Network Cloud platform.

DriveNets Multiservice Routing Platform in Action

Eli Kosharovsky, Product Manager, took everyone on a live tour, showing how the DriveNets orchestration and management platform operates on a cluster composed of multiple white boxes, running multiple routing functions.

What’s Next for Disaggregated Networks?

Overall it was a pretty exciting 2 hours. We were really grateful to the organizers for all their support – especially under the unique logistical challenges we find ourselves. From here, we are looking forward to this year being the year in which the network cloud approach to building networks will serve as the blueprint for building core, edge and aggregation networks.

Networking Field Day provided a uniquely-focused forum where we could discuss the issues surrounding this evolving space, giving us a unique opportunity to share our vision for building the network of the future.