Just two building blocks

DriveNets Network Cloud runs on standard networking white boxes supplied by a variety of original design manufacturers (ODMs). Based on merchant silicon (OCP DDC compliant), these networking white boxes comprise just two building blocks – Network Cloud Packet Forwarder (NCP) and Network Cloud Fabric (NCF). This simplifies inventory management and reduces OPEX by utilizing the same hardware throughout the network infrastructure – from core to access. White box vendors can be selected independently from the networking software, breaking vendor lock-in and reducing costs while gradually growing the network by adding more white boxes as needed.

No more vendor lock-in

Breaks vendor lock with wide flexibility in vendor choice and procurement models

High-scale & carrier-grade

Powers Network Cloud’s carrier-grade scale from
4Tbps to 768Tbps

Simplified infrastructure

Simplifies network infrastructure, inventory and management and automates deployment

Standard Networking White Boxes

DriveNets Network Cloud solution uses standard networking white boxes interconnected to create clusters of different sizes and capacities. (OCP DDC standard compliant). As part of the DriveNets open ecosystem, various certified ODM vendors offer white boxes with high-performance merchant silicon, like the Broadcom Jericho family, and high port density (100G/400G). Any Network Cloud cluster is built with only two types of white boxes – the NCP, equivalent to a line card, and the NCF, equivalent to a fabric card. This simplifies the network’s architecture, supply chain and maintenance, while supporting any service on any port.

The white box infrastructure provides:

  • Scale granularity from 4Tbps to 768Tbps
  • Next-gen ASIC boost to 2.76Pbps
  • Customizable clusters per network location – capacity, ODM vendors, ASIC vendors
  • Carrier-grade performance – high availability, reliability and security
  • Zero touch provisioning (ZTP) and automated operations


Features & Benefits

Standard open design

  • Inherent support for any OCP-compliant, current and future system

Rich Ecosystem

  • Implementation by leading industry ODM vendors
  • Vendors certified by DriveNets

Merchant silicon

  • The most robust forwarding plane built from industry-leading ASIC platforms
  • Cutting edge capacity and feature set

Ultimate vendor variety  

  • Increased vendor choice with DriveNets’ guaranteed of end-to-end Network Cloud performance

Flexible procurement models 

  • Direct purchasing from the ODM vendor
  • Acquisition through a Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Distributed virtual chassis architecture 

  • From 4Tbps (standalone) to 768Tbps (cluster)
  • Distributed power
  • Distributed port density
  • 100m cluster connectivity radius

Carrier grade

  • NEBS compliant devices
  • Minimal failure domain
  • Hardware agnostic protocol recovery
  • Secure supply chain

Scales from a resource-efficient single box to the largest working cluster in the market

Trusted platform from day one

  • Secure
  • Resilient infrastructure
  • Adapted to service provider needs and constraints

Two box types across entire network infrastructure

  • NCP as packet forwarding box
  • NCF as fabric box for any network location

Automated operation 

  • Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP)
  • Auto detection
  • Service activation via central orchestrator

Simple architecture, planning and deployment

  • Petabit scalability in a single cluster – no more CLOS limitations
  • Easily meet power envelope constraints
  • Simple site design planning and installation
  • Easy racking and cabling
  • Optimized cable reach

Inventory management

  • Simple spare part and inventory management
  • Shared devices between different sites and use cases

Simple operational skill set

  • Easier training process
  • Minimized human error moat
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