August 11, 2021

Director of Product Marketing

KGPCo Study: Network Cloud vs Monolithic Solutions – The Operational Results

In some of my previous posts, I focused on the advantages and benefits of applying disaggregation to high-scale networks. Now, disaggregated network solutions are peaking interest from communication service providers and cloud providers. But there are concerns around this approach, with the main one being the operational model. The main belief is that the new model brings more complexity in term of planning, sourcing, integration, installation, growth, maintenance, and support.

KGPCo Study: Network Cloud vs Monolithic Solutions – The Operational Results

However, when it comes to DriveNets Network Cloud, the opposite is true, as confirmed in a recent study carried out by KGPCo, the leading system integrator of network solutions – both legacy and disaggregated – based on their multiple network deployments.

The KGPCo study confirms that a disaggregated, cloud-native network infrastructure can be simpler, faster and more cost-effective to operate than the integrated, monolithic chassis-based networks that communications and cloud providers still rely on today.

DriveNets Network Cloud supports the complete virtualization of networks and compute resources, delivering better results more efficiently and effectively, while enabling the physical infrastructure to operate as a shared resource to support multiple networks and services.

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Introducing Network Cloud

By detaching network growth from network cost and increasing network profitability, DriveNets enables faster installation time, less integration costs, and less planning efforts.

Check out the infographic below to see the results.


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