Any virtualized networking and compute resources
DriveNets Network Cloud provides a shared network infrastructure with tools for deploying, running and managing any network-centric service. From network intensive to latency sensitive, hosted applications can consume any virtualized networking and compute resources of the Network Cloud, any time, anywhere, at any scale. DriveNets multiservice platform is the best hosting infrastructure to run compute and networking functions at the edge.
Any service, any port
Any service can use any resource of the virtualized network infrastructure

Edge cloud made simple
Combine compute and networking functions in edge sites

Automated service operations
Automate the service lifecycle management

Multiservice Platform

DriveNets Network Cloud provides more than routing services. As a network-centric cloud infrastructure, it can host any service and give them access and control of networking and compute resources through a Network Cloud API anywhere on the shared infrastructure. The multiservice platform supports containerized or virtualized network-centric functions.

DriveNets Network Orchestrator (DNOR) enables the deployment, maintenance and monitoring of service instances from the core to the edge.

The DriveNets multiservice platform provides:

  • Direct access to virtualized data (NPU) and control function resources (x86) to support services and service chains
  • Automated service lifecycle management
  • Optimal resource use efficiency
  • Carrier-grade service anywhere on the network


Features & Benefits


Network-centric services
Run any application as containerized microservices at any scale granularity

High-availability, secure, scalable anywhere in the Network Cloud

Hardware agnostic
Decorrelate service implementation from underlying hardware choice

Innovation at the speed of the Cloud
Accelerate innovation and revenue opportunities (5G network slicing, custom service bundles)

High resource use efficiency
Fully utilize Network Cloud resources, save on hardware and port costs

Multiple edge use-cases
Traffic steering, 5G network slicing and more

Open platform
Open northbound APIs, multiple business models, service marketplace

Network infrastructure adapted to the edge
Overcome power and space limitation and increase application efficiency

Improved edge economics
Reduce compute investments by using high-scale packet processing instead of CPU, reduce OpEx with built-in multiservice platform automation

Service catalog

  • Select out-of-the-box services from DNOR service catalog
  • Add custom services using Network Cloud open APIs

Automated service lifecycle management

  • Automated configuration, deployment and monitoring optimized for Network Cloud

Manage and automate each service independently:

  • From others services
  • From the underlying cluster infrastructure

Short maintenance windows

  • Reduce service maintenance windows to minutes


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