Any Service, Any Port

A single Infrastructure, multiple networks

DriveNets’ Network Cloud is based on a containerized architecture that provides a highly flexible approach to service creation and deployment. It enables multiple networks running in different containers to share a unified shared infrastructure built with DNOS, and supports flexible scaling of the control plane by adding additional service containers over the same shared infrastructure. Such service scaling is done without performance degradation or downtime.

Unlike rigid monolithic router architectures, Network Cloud’s container-based approach enables the rapid addition of network services to address emerging needs and business applications across the entire network, addressing the scalability shortfalls of previous approaches such as with Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

Network Cloud runs multiple services on the same shared infrastructure and dynamically allocates separate sets of ports within that shared infrastructure to different network services. An individual network service is deployed in a specific container enabling independent operation and easy scaling with no impact to other network services.

This modularity optimizes the use of network resources by replacing all the routers in a single location with a single unified infrastructure that can support all the networking services. It also enables advanced operations like self-service provisioning and service chaining on-the-fly.

This architecture can easily expand to support other services – networking or third-party, expanding service offerings across the entire network.


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