January 5, 2022

A Recap of Networking Field Day – Service Providers

Networking Field Day (NFD) is an event organized by Gestalt IT that brings together technologists and practitioners as delegates to discuss industry innovations and advancements. On December 8, the first NFD event that was specifically targeted for service provider topics took place. DriveNets presented to 12 independent thought leaders and networking experts, sharing how cloud-native infrastructure is advancing in today’s market.

A Recap of Networking Field Day – Service Providers

DriveNets Network Cloud Overview

Dudy Cohen, DriveNets’ VP of Product Marketing, started the event by introducing DriveNets, and exploring the concept of Network Cloud and how DriveNets is bringing this approach to service providers by building networks like cloud. Dudy expanded on how operators can leverage optimal scaling, reduce costs, and achieve faster innovation by fundamentally changing how they build their network infrastructure.

DriveNets Network Cloud is a cloud-native software solution that turns the physical network into a shared resource supporting multiple network services in the most efficient way possible.

DriveNets is already deployed with service providers around the world, transforming their networks to a cloud-native infrastructure.

DriveNets Network Cloud and “Serviceagility”

Run Almog, DriveNets’ Head of Product Strategy, took the discussion a step further, explaining how we build a ‘serviceagile’ network. He explained how DriveNets Network Cloud serves as a resource utilization optimizer and a service innovation catalyst, delivering many benefits to the market, including operating multiple network functions from multiple domains (routing, security, mobile, access etc.) over a shared, unified, cloud-native, networking-optimized infrastructure.

Utilizing the same hardware throughout the network infrastructure – from core to access – simplifies inventory management and reduces opex. This also breaks vendor lock by being able to select white boxes independently from networking software, growing the network to support traffic needs by adding more white boxes only as needed.

DriveNets Services Marketplace Evolution

In the third part, Yuval Moshe, DriveNets’ VP of Product, went deeper on how adding services to the Network Cloud marketplace creates a rich multiservice environment that extends beyond routing, to multiple network domains, including security, analytics, mobile, access etc. – with applications from DriveNets and 3rd parties, as well as home-grown.

Disaggregated Network Momentum

In the past two years, the market has experienced a significant push towards cloud-native, disaggregated networks, with service providers facing increased traffic demand exacerbated by the new challenges created by the virus. Service providers are now looking at how cloud-based networks can reduce the high-costs and complexity related to ongoing network growth.

By engaging with networking experts, and focusing on today’s challenges, the momentum grows around how to bring a cloud-native solution to the service provider market.

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