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AT&T champions DriveNets cloud networking software

Media CoverageMarch 3, 2023

AT&T champions DriveNets cloud networking software

DriveNet’s technology is not the easiest to understand. So, it was nice that at MWC in Spain this week, DriveNets hosted a presentation for analysts and media in order to explain its work. Members of the panel included Igal Elbaz, SVP and network CTO at AT&T; Ido Susan, co-founder and CEO of DriveNets; along with two other executives — one from Orange and one from Telefonica.

AT&T’s Igal Elbaz said, “We’ve been in this disaggregation, virtualization and software-defined networking journey for almost a decade, and we’ve been very public about this.”

Because network traffic just keeps growing, AT&T felt compelled to develop an approach and an architecture that would allow it to scale its network much easier than before.

“The part that we’re using [with DriveNets] is our core backbone,” said Elbaz. “We are carrying 590 petabytes every day. That’s a lot of traffic. And on our core backbone already over 50% of the traffic is running on an open, disaggregated architecture where the network operating system is DriveNets.”

Of its work with DriveNets, he added, “We enjoy this relationship. We enjoy the disruption. We enjoy the ability to work together and push some boundaries in our ability to deliver not just software, but actually a full service. We can deploy the reliability and the rigor that a telco at our scale needs.”

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