3 Takeaways from the AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit Event

More than a week ago I returned from the “AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit” event in Santa Clara. You...

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Panel Recap: Next Generation System Design for Maximizing ML Performance

Last week, I attended the “AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit” in Santa Clara. I was honored to participate in...

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Can You Really Compare Clos to Chassis when running AI applications?

The well-known and commonly mentioned Clos topology dates back 70 years to an article by an American engineer called Charles...

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A Robust Fabric – Failure Recovery in DDC

In previous blog posts about Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) for AI workloads, we mentioned two possible networking issues that can...

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Creating Lossless Connectivity Fabric with DDC

In our earlier post, we discussed the importance of Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) architecture for reducing AI workload job completion...

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Reduce AI Job Completion Time with DDC

As the volume and complexity of artificial intelligence (AI) models continue to grow, reducing job completion time (JCT) and improving...

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Why InfiniBand Falls Short of Ethernet for AI Networking

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, driving the need for efficient networking solutions to support the massive data demands...

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DriveNets Enters the AI Networking, A Market Expected to Exceed $10B by 2027

AI took the world by storm early this year, with ChatGPT showing a transformational leap in how humans interact with...

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Resolving AI Back-End Network Bottlenecks with Network Cloud-AI

The network as a bottleneck that slows down applications and prevents new use cases (and business) from becoming feasible seems...

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