February 27, 2020

Press Release

DriveNets and KGPCo Partner to Lead Market Adoption of Disaggregated Core and Edge Networks at Tier 1 Communication Service Providers

The DriveNets distributed disaggregated networking model combined with the One Touch solution from KGPCo provide a seamless telco-grade operational model and substantial savings over traditional IP network architectures.

Ra’anana Israel, Feb  27, 2020 – DriveNets, the networking software company and KGPCo, the longest serving CSP networking system integrator today announced that they are joining forces to accelerate the deployment of disaggregated networks at Tier-1 service providers worldwide. The combination of DriveNets Network Cloud software running over standard white boxes and KGPCo’s One Touch Solution provides the highest scale carrier-grade disaggregated network solution on the market with the greatest operational efficiency.  It addresses service providers’ need for complete life-cycle management of the disaggregated network model – from white box preparation, through installation, provisioning and support. This partnership offers the best of both networking models – an open network infrastructure with greater choice than ever before, together with faster and more efficient deployment than the traditional single-vendor model.

According to a market study conducted by Heavy Reading, nearly half of telecom operators predict their companies will radically change their IP Networks in the next three years, while disaggregation of hardware and software is gaining momentum and is already publicly endorsed by leading operators such as AT&T, Telefonica and Rakuten Mobile. Open networking and the transition to standard white boxes means that service providers can choose their vendors to build a best-of-breed solution (silicon, hardware and software) and scale their networks efficiently. The potential for offering further services and increasing profitability for service providers is enormous as shown by the hyperscalers. However, this means engaging with a totally new operational model. The DriveNets and KGPCo partnership delivers proven and dependable operational life-cycle management that is already engaged by several Tier-1 service providers.

Key benefits include

  • A high-scale, telco-grade disaggregated networking solution for core and edge networks, based on an open ecosystem of leading silicon vendors and ODMs (Broadcom, UfiSpace, EdgeCore, Delta)
  • A 50% reduction in supply chain cycle time compared to leading incumbent vendors, due to the flexible white box-based approach.
  • Streamlined process to support the critical steps of network rollouts, including design, testing, validation, production readiness, sourcing and logistics, end-to-end seamless integration, field installation and configuration and technical support.
  • Greater transparency including pre-production information. According to KGPCo tracking of historical information incumbent routers have a typical 7% un-documented failure which complicates future planning, while the disaggregated model provides full transparency.
  • A single point of contact to call for technical support, inclusive of BI-powered customer portals, providing access to a solution’s Digital Fingerprint.

“We are excited about the partnership with KGPCo and the incredible experience they bring to DriveNets Network Cloud customers, in designing, deploying and operating the largest-scale network solutions in the world. KGPCo is a key link in the implementation of DriveNets Network Cloud vision,” said Ido Susan, CEO and Co-Founder, DriveNets.

“It is our privilege to partner with and support DriveNets in their market transformation and disruption towards open disaggregated networking. Leveraging our service provider experience and our unique end-to-end offering of supply chain management, hardware and software system integration, field installation, and technical support, KGPCo’s One Touch solution enables this vital transition for our customers in the most efficient manner,” Trevor Putrah, President, KGPCo.

About DriveNets

DriveNets helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) take advantage of the greatest demand surge in Telco history, substantially growing their profitability by changing their technological and economic models. DriveNets’ solution – Network Cloud changes the traditional networking architecture that has been in place for the past twenty years by adapting the architectural model of hyperscalers to Telco-grade networking. Network Cloud is a cloud-native software that runs over standard white boxes, radically simplifying the network’s operational model, offering Telco-scale performance at a much lower cost.

DriveNets was founded by Ido Susan and Hillel Kobrinsky, two successful Telco entrepreneurs. Susan previously co-founded Intucell, the company that invented the Self Optimizing Network (SON) which was acquired by Cisco in 2013 for $475 million. Kobrinsky founded the web conferencing specialist, Interwise, which was acquired by AT&T for $121 million.

About  KGPco

KGPCo is a leading provider of supply chain, distribution, integration, network and technical support services for service providers (telecoms, cable, mobile). With 3,000 employees worldwide and multiple integration centers around the world, KGPCo is the most experienced integrator of disaggregated network solutions, deploying and maintaining the largest white box-based networks in the world. KGPCo’s One Touch service allows operators to seamlessly deploy legacy and disaggregated technology at scale. For more information, please visit:  www.kgpco.com.