September 20, 2022

Press Release

DriveNets Expands its Network Cloud Ecosystem with Leading ZR/ZR+ Optics Solutions

The introduction of ZR/ZR+ optics demonstrates the value of the open disaggregated router model in accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge technology from multiple vendors

 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, Philadelphia PA, September 20, 2022 – DriveNets, the networking software company, today announced that DriveNets Network Cloud is the first DDC/DDBR (Disaggregated Distributed Chassis/Backbone Router) to support ZR/ZR+ optics as native transceivers that can be inserted into any Network Cloud-supported white boxes from leading ODMs such as UfiSpace and Edgecore. Supported transceivers are from Coherent Corp. (Nasdaq: COHR), Acacia, now part of Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO), Fujitsu Optical Components (FOC), and NEC. Additional models and vendors, such as Ciena, Infinera, Lumentum and InnoLight, are planned to be supported in the future.

ZR/ZR+ optics have been recently introduced to the router world as high-capacity, long-haul transceivers that directly plug into router interfaces, substantially simplifying high-scale connectivity. This solution eliminates the need to use standalone equipment that acts as a dedicated transport layer, thus reducing network complexity, footprint and cost.

DriveNets is the first to plug such high-end transceivers into an open routing platform, breaking a decades-long vendor lock held by router vendors over telecom operators. This fulfills the true promise of the MSA (Multi Source Agreement) defined 400ZR that enables networking interoperability on the optical transport level.

DriveNets will demonstrate the use of ZR/ZR+ optics in a QSFP-DD form factor plugged into a whitebox supported by DriveNets Network Cloud at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo on September 20-22, 2022, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“This is another great example of the simplicity and innovation that an open routing solution can enable,” said Ido Susan, CEO and Co-Founder, DriveNets. “We’re happy to expand the Network Cloud ecosystem with long-haul and high-capacity interface capabilities and bring cutting edge technology from a wide set of expert vendors to the traditionally vendor-locked service provider routing market.”

“Disaggregated networking infrastructure, along with Coherent’s open-standard 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO transceiver, enables service providers to more easily deploy IP-over-DWDM architectures,” said Matthias Berger, Vice President, Coherent Technology, Coherent Corp. “Service providers can eliminate an entire layer of optical equipment and thereby significantly reduce both capital and operational expenditures.”

“We are excited to collaborate with DriveNets on their efforts to drive even broader adoption of 400ZR and OpenZR+ modules in disaggregated networks,” said Fenghai Liu Senior Director of Product Line Management at Acacia. “These interoperable coherent solutions in form factors that can be supported directly on routers are transforming network architectures and enabling new economies of scale for coherent interfaces.”

”Our technology reduces the footprint of a transmission system into a QSFP-DD form factor,” said Yukiharu Fuse, Executive Director, FOC. “Plugging the standard transceiver into a white box is a true fulfillment of the open nature of the 400ZR interface. We are glad to partner with DriveNets to realize this new evolution of the network ecosystem.”

”With a long experience of developing the coherent optical transceivers, NEC is delighted to be one of the ZR/ZR+ optics partners with DriveNets,” said Akio Goto, General Manager, NEC Corporation. “We would commit to providing support for DriveNets.”

Learn more about DriveNets here. Or visit DriveNets at Booth # 4075 at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2022, September 19-22, in Philadelphia.

About DriveNets

DriveNets is a fast-growing software company that builds networks like clouds. It offers communications service providers and cloud providers a radical new way to build networks, detaching network growth from network cost and increasing network profitability.

Founded by Ido Susan and Hillel Kobrinsky, two successful telco entrepreneurs, DriveNets Network Cloud is the leading open disaggregated networking solution based on cloud-native software running over standard white boxes. DriveNets was awarded the Leading Light award 2020 for Company of the Year (Private) and ‘Innovation Award – Vendor’ at the 21st Annual World Communications Awards. To find out more, visit and view our media kit.

About Acacia Communications, now part of Cisco

Acacia Communications, now part of Cisco, develops, manufactures and sells high-speed coherent optical interconnect products that are designed to transform communications networks through improvements in performance, capacity and cost. By leveraging silicon technology to build optical interconnects, a process Acacia Communications refers to as the “siliconization of optical interconnect,” Acacia Communications is able to offer products at higher speeds and density with lower power consumption, that meet the needs of cloud and service providers and can be easily integrated in a cost-effective manner with existing network equipment.

About Coherent Corp.

Coherent empowers market innovators to define the future through breakthrough technologies, from materials to systems. We deliver innovations that resonate with our customers in diversified applications for the industrial, communications, electronics, and instrumentation markets. Headquartered in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, Coherent has research and development, manufacturing, sales, service, and distribution facilities worldwide. For more information, please visit us at

About NEC Corporation

NEC provides optical transceivers and network equipment. NEC’s wealth of experience in large-scale network implementation and technical capabilities help us contribute to the resolution of social issues by providing safe, reliable, and efficient high-value-added networks for the age of IoT through the creation of value with our clients and partners. For additional information visit

About Fujitsu Optical Components

Fujitsu Optical Components is a global leading supplier of the most advanced, high performance optical component solutions for high-speed optical networking applications including backbone networks, metro networks and data center. Our product line-up includes 100G/400G Coherent Transceivers, 100G QSFP28 Transceivers, 100G/400G/600G devices like LN Modulators, Thin-film LN driver integrated coherent modulator and Coherent Receivers. For additional information, visit

About Lumentum

Lumentum (NASDAQ:LITE) is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative optical and photonic products enabling optical networking and laser applications worldwide. Lumentum optical components and subsystems are part of virtually every type of telecom, enterprise, and data center network. Lumentum lasers enable advanced manufacturing techniques and diverse applications, including next-generation 3D sensing capabilities. Lumentum is headquartered in San Jose, California with R&D, manufacturing, and sales offices worldwide. For more information, visit and follow Lumentum on LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.