May 12, 2021

Press Release

DriveNets Network Cloud is first to support Broadcom J2C+ and triple network scale with largest networking solution in the market

This achievement demonstrates the agility of software-based networking and further improves the best-in-the market Network Cloud economic model being deployed at leadingTier-1 Service Providers like AT&T.

Raanana, Israel, May 12, 2021. DriveNets, the networking software company, today announced that DriveNets Network Cloud is the first high-scale routing solution to run on Broadcom’s Jericho 2c+ (J2C+) ASIC using a new white box, the NCP-36CD-S. The availability of a 691Tbps cluster of these new white boxes makes DriveNets Network Cloud the largest scale routing solution in the world with a smaller footprint and lowest power consumption. It demonstrates the superior agility and time to market of the distributed disaggregated Network Cloud model vs. a traditional monolithic router.

“We are proud to be the first to support the J2C+ based white box just as DriveNets was the first router to support 400G and the first to demonstrate 192Tbps routing capabilities in a single router cluster” said Ido Susan, CEO and Co-Founder, DriveNets. “DriveNets continues to raise the bar on network elasticity and efficiency and our ability to support a mix of white boxes based on different ASIC technologies ensures a future proof architecture for our customers”.

“The J2C+ ASIC, now in full production, is the highest performing routing ASIC in the industry,” said Ram Velaga, senior vice president and general manager, Core Switching Group, Broadcom. “This second generation DDC system with DriveNets router NOS at 690Tb delivers 6x performance improvement over alternative architectures.”

The new NCP-36CD-S is the third data plane white box available, joining the current NCP-10CD and NCP-40C models. All three white boxes are supported by the same fabric of white boxes (NCFs) and can be mixed & matched in a cluster, offering full flexibility, growth, and investment protection. DriveNets Network Cloud running on the new NCP white box will be available for early customer trials in the third quarter of 2021. The new NCP-36CD-S can support up to 36 ports of 400G in a compact 2RU form factor.

“The new J2C+ based NCP has 14.4 Tbs capacity, optional TCAM and MACSec on all 36 ports with the capability to breakout into 144 ports of 100G,” said Vincent Ho, CEO of UfiSpace. “With our field-proven distributed disaggregated design and the rich set of network-centric services by DriveNets Network Cloud software, network scaling adapts seamlessly to the market needs in the most cost-effective way.”

“We are happy to expand our DDC (Distributed Disaggregated Chassis) portfolio with the new Broadcom J2C+ ASIC and keep up with the demand of our largest customers,” said Victor Cheng, Delta’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of its Information and Communications Technology Business Group.  “The ability to easily scale the network with new technologies as they come, is one of the strongest benefits of the disaggregated network model.”

“Edgecore Networks is very pleased to be part of a strong ecosystem by taking the lead in expanding disaggregated networking beyond the boundaries of the datacenter” said George Tchaparian, President and CEO of Edgecore Networks. “DriveNets Network Cloud software with Edgecore’s Open Hardware Platforms, enables service providers to be more agile than ever before and integrate new tailored solutions and technologies much faster.”

About DriveNets

DriveNets is a fast-growing software company that builds networks like clouds. It offers communications service providers and cloud providers a radical new way to build networks, detaching network growth from network cost and increasing network profitability.

Founded by Ido Susan and Hillel Kobrinsky, two successful telco entrepreneurs, DriveNets Network Cloud is the leading open disaggregated networking solution based on cloud-native software running over standard white boxes. DriveNets was awarded the Leading Light award 2020 for Company of the Year (Private) and ‘Innovation Award – Vendor’ at the 21st Annual World Communications Awards. To find out more, visit and view our media kit.

In January, DriveNets announced $208 million in Series B funding, bringing the company valuation to more than $1 billion. The investment is being used to further develop the product offering to continue to offer service providers and hyperscalers a radical new way to build their networks with higher capacity and scale at a much lower cost.