Industry EventsNovember 3, 2022

Telecoms World Asia: From NFV to cloud native networks – what’s next for the telcos

Telecoms World Asia: “From NFV to Cloud Native Networks – What’s Next for the Telco?”

At Telecoms World Asia, DriveNets shared how running your network like cloud offers a shared infrastructure, making scaling very easy.
With an amazing line-up of panelists:
* Tzvika Naveh, DriveNets
* Ricky Chau, CBC Tech
* Varinder Paul Singla, dtac
* Uday Sikka, China Telecom Global
* Moderated by: Mei Lee Quah, Frost & Sullivan

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From a vendor perspective, this is pretty much easy. When you ask a Hyperscaler
what’s the value of moving to cloud, it’s easy. They are all
hyperscalers, scale is definitely the benefit of moving to cloud.
when your network is running like cloud.
It’s a shared infrastructure, scaling is very easy.
Think about how much easy it is for them to spin up new services.
It is an instance.
So scaling definitely is the first one. I would say, the second thing is
speed of innovation. Think about speed of innovation, how easy it
is to add new services. Disaggregation of hardware
from software actually getting to a point where
speed of innovation is the speed of software. Just like adding a new application on your phone.
It’s very easy, right? You add an amount, you don’t want them anymore, you put
them down and the resources go back to the pool of resources. That’s the value
of where you like it. So scaling is one
speed of innovation in second, and I’m pretty much sure you’re going to agree with me about
reducing costs. The utilization of the network, working like cloud is
something completely different, instead of working in 30-40% utilization, you can
work in the scale, kind of utilization or so.
So you have high utilization,
you need less equipment.

Full Transcript

core aggregation and peering on the same infrastructure and using as a shared resource
this is the idea of networks that works like Cloud, and by doing this you have higher
utilization in return, reduced cost. But it’s not just
about higher utilization. It also goes about of how you operate,
you think about OPEX, so once you operate the network like Cloud,
really pool what you use, better OPEX, better operations and of
course you’re talking.