Solution Overview For DCI

DriveNets Network Cloud changes the way networks are built. A single architecture serves all network scenarios. This architecture allows cloud and network operators to simplify their data center interconnect functionality by converging the compute cloud and the networking cloud infrastructure and to create seamless cloud-network interworking.

Seamless Interconnect

Compute-networking converges

Integrated DCI management

Using the same operational tools for all DCI layers

Carrier grade

High availability solution


With data center spread expanding in both quantity, size and density, the connectivity between data centers becomes a versatile challenge. Traffic patterns are continuously shifting thus intensifying the load on the DCI network.
DriveNets Network Cloud addresses these challenges by building networks as an internal part of the cloud and turning the DCI into an integral part of the data center, making the connectivity to and from the datacenter – seamless

Based on a distributed disaggregated chassis architecture, the Network Cloud solutions allows cloud providers to manage all layers of DCI using the same methodology and leverage a hyper-scalable infrastructure, reducing the burden of never-ending planning and extending their infrastructure.


DriveNets Network Cloud DCI solution a highly flexible, scalable and converged solution.

  • Hyper-scalability: 4Tbps to 768Tbps over a single router-instance with 100GigE and 400GigE interfaces.
  • Elastic growth: efficient scalability with data plane scale granularity in steps of 4Tbps – from one white box router to hundreds of white boxes-based routers. With substantially simpler operations.
  • Optimized hardware and software for each networking plane via control & data plane separation, avoids monolithic router interdependencies and quality issues

Significant reduction in total cost of ownership via lower cost hardware and more efficient software architecture.



  • High availability with built-in self-healing mechanisms, distributed architecture (no single point of failure).
  • Simplified operations with unified building blocks, orchestration and management
    •  Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
    • Automated life-cycle management for seamless upgrades, health management and more.
  • Higher visibility, for management and diagnostics, from hardware component level to software container, with distributed fabric.
  • Future proof, open standard, cloud-native architecture:
    • OCP DDC-compliant hardware
    • Data and control planes disaggregation
    • Microservice architecture
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