August 4, 2021

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Introducing DriveNets Training & Certification

When network architects, engineers or operation professionals do not talk about BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) or maintenance windows, they talk about training, certification and careers. Because they are eager to learn, and that’s a good thing.

Introducing DriveNets Training & Certification

These days, fortunately, there is plenty of learning options out there (see some in one of our blog posts), but there is one skillset and topic that will give you the leading edge on the market: cloud-native, network disaggregation expertise.

According to a recent research by Heavy Reading, 60% of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) plan to move to disaggregated/cloud-native solutions for IP core, aggregation and edge networks in the next five years (IP Networks Survey 2021, to be released soon). As such, the demand for experienced professionals in this field is growing rapidly, while finding skilled engineers is challenging.

To address the growing demand for professionals with the right skillset to advance networks towards cloud-native disaggregated platforms, DriveNets is launching a new Training and Certification program.

What is DriveNets Training and Certification program ?

The DriveNets Training and Certification program provides in-depth knowledge on network disaggregation technologies, architecture, operations and the DriveNets Network Cloud solution. The course has been specifically devised to benefit the network professionals who are responsible for handling CSPs or cloud providers’ large-scale networks. Going forward, we plan to expand the program to other target audiences as well. Thanks to this program, network engineers and operation professionals will become industry-recognized and certified, and be able to deliver the most advanced expertise in designing, building, and operating disaggregated networks, solving critical and tough network challenges.

The DriveNets Training and Certification program contains three courses which, once completed, can earn you the right certification. The program addresses all the relevant topics and skills that are necessary to transform traditional networks to cloud-native, disaggregated networks. Regardless of your current role, network domain expertise or proficiency level, you will learn the fundamentals of how to design, build and manage scalable, innovative and efficient networks, opening up new professional horizons for you.
In addition, the program includes specific DriveNets-certified courses for the company’s customers and partners – per role or responsibility – to deploy, manage or sell the DriveNets Network Cloud, our leading cloud-native software solution.

The courses are available either online (live, on-demand) or onsite.

What You’ll Learn in the Program

Let’s start with the Network Disaggregation Fundamentals course. This first course addresses the need for high-scale disaggregated networks, what are the architecture and technologies behind high-scale disaggregated networks, and the relevant use cases and applications (such as core, edge, etc.)

Next, two more advanced courses will be available. The Network Disaggregation Professional will expand on how to design and build a simple Network Cloud cluster, how to configure key components via the command line interface (CLI), and how to orchestrate, deploy and manage it. The Network Disaggregation Champion will dive deeper into DriveNets Network Cloud DNOS software architecture and technologies, its hardware architecture (silicon, white boxes), and how to design, configure and troubleshoot network connectivity, routing and management services.

By joining our courses, you will learn what is driving the future of networks, new models, architectures, standards, cloud-native technologies, networking white boxes, use-cases, and how to build, deploy and operate disaggregated networks. Once you finish each course, you will take an exam, and once passed, you will get the proper certification!

Our courses are taught by industry and technology experts, with hands-on practice and exams so you can benefit from applicable knowledge straight away.

“The Network Disaggregation Fundamentals course targets network professionals in the service or cloud provider field. The course […] ensures that you have a clear understanding of the building blocks and use cases. If you’re in the service provider space, [the DriveNets solution is] a gamechanger as it addresses the need for improved scalability, vendor choice, simplified operations and reduced costs.”

Deirra J. Footman, Sr. Network Engineer & Tech Influencer

Why Enroll?

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary skillset to expand your professional expertise. With our program, you will:

  • Learn about the most advanced and disruptive network technologies, such as cloud native, disaggregated network architecture, networking white boxes, and more
  • Identify new opportunities for network improvement for core, aggregation, edge and data center interconnect
  • Develop a practical skill set with hands-on tasks, projects, and exams
  • Grow your career as a DriveNets-certified professional

Another major benefit of the DriveNets Training and Certification program is to meet and interact with other professionals in the market, which will help you expand your professional ecosystem and bring more opportunities ahead for a better, more fulfilling career.

How Can You Apply for the Drivenets Program?

Expand your career right now.
Sign up for the introductory course with its certification exam (Network Disaggregation Fundamentals), which is now being offered for free until December 31, 2021.

Go to, register, and start your network disaggregation journey with DriveNets.
Feel free to share the link with your friends and colleagues!

PS – Check out Deirra Footman’s blog post about taking this course, so you get an idea of what you can get!

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