Drivenets blog “Network cloud” has become a buzz phrase lately. A paradigm shift is needed, and this shift is towards building a network like a cloud – the network cloud.

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The Network Demand that (almost) Stole Christmas

As we reach the end of the year and get deeper into the holiday spirit, we’ve given our spin on...

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Are You in Control of Your Network?

Enes Kanter plays center position for the famous Boston Celtics basketball team. He is a Swiss-born, Turkish immigrant to the...

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Cars and Networks – The Industries Under Disruption

Entering the software era The car and networking industries are very much alike… (Ok, no, they are not, but bear with me.) In...

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Highly Available Network Infrastructure

When building a network infrastructure for mission-critical traffic, “carrier grade” means high availability Many years ago, when coming to define what...

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The Massive Networking Shift to Disaggregation

Why Disaggregated Networks Need Orchestration Coming just a month after announcing the deployment of DriveNets solution in AT&T’s IP core network....

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Why Disaggregated Networks Need Orchestration

Why Disaggregated Networks Need Orchestration The two hottest marketing terms in the network equipment space are surely “disaggregated” and “cloud”, but...

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Running Networks and the Coronavirus

Like most companies nowadays, many of DriveNets’ employees are now working from home, to minimize their exposure to the Coronavirus...

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