Drivenets blog “Network cloud” has become a buzz phrase lately. A paradigm shift is needed, and this shift is towards building a network like a cloud – the network cloud.

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But What Does “Run Networks Like Cloud” Actually Mean?

Yes and no!   Yes, I do work as the procurement and vendors manager in one of the most innovative network technology...

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Build a Robust Supply Chain with DriveNets

A robust and competitive supply chain is of vital importance to service providers in general, and their procurement teams in...

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Cost Avoidance and Cost Savings with DriveNets Network Cloud

A cost is a cost is a cost, right? Well, not exactly. Procurement people differentiate between “cost savings” and “cost avoidance.”...

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Make Your Procurement Team Shine with DriveNets Network Cloud

In the past it was discussed how DriveNets can make your CFO happy. Now, I would like to take a...

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Strategic CFOs See Operational Value in Network Cloud

When it comes to new technology, it needs to present a clear and significant value. For new architecture and/or new...

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How Network Disaggregation Will Make Your CFO Happy

Communications Service Providers (CSP) continue to face strong financial pressure from their shareholders, financial markets, and industry analysts. Their revenues...

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