Technology Developments

Drivenets blog Networking Field Day is an event that brings together technologists and practitioners as delegates to discuss industry innovations and advancements...

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2020 – Network Disaggregation Picks up Momentum

2020 has certainly been an interesting year for all of us. And the telecom industry was no different. COVID-19 has...

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Telco Edge Network Transformation

In network terms, the edge is where the action is.  The implementation of 5G wireless networks, connectivity of billions of...

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What Technical Benefits Lead us to Invent a Distributed NOS

In my recent blog post, I explored the challenges we faced in developing our own fully distributed network operating system...

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The Challenge of Developing a Fully Distributed Network Operating System

Recently, I delivered a presentation at Networking Field Day 22, covering the DriveNets Network Operating System (DNOS), which, from the...

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Zero Touch Provisioning ZTP is even more critical for Disaggregated Networks running on White Boxes

For years the telecom industry worked to refine and improve the zero touch provisioning (ZTP) process. Automation is needed for...

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Opening up to Network Disaggregation with DriveNets and KGPCo

In a survey conducted by Heavy Reading this month, nearly half of CSPs predict their companies will radically change their...

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The Inside Story of How We Optimized our Own Build System

The story of the DriveNets build system started like most other startups. We took various different open source projects as a base...

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NFV tried to bring the network to the cloud. Now, it’s time to bring the cloud to the network.

Despite its promise to lower CapEx, improve service agility and reduce vendor lock-in, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has not lived...

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