CollateralMay 23, 2023

DriveNets Network Cloud-AI

To best support AI workloads, new networking solutions will need to reduce AI implementation costs, enable greater throughput and 100% utilization, and support Ethernet-based implementations that enable network interoperability and multivendor support.
Network Cloud-AI


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DriveNets Network Cloud-AI which is based on the largest-scale DDC (Distributed Disaggregated Chassis) architectures in the world, provides predictable, lossless back-end cluster connectivity and 10%-30% improvement in JCT (Job Completion Time) of high-scale, high-performance AI workloads. It maintains a GPU, ASIC and ODM agnostic architecture and supports over 100% ROI at day-1.This architecture offers:

  • performance validated in trials by hyperscalers​
  • a solution proven in the world’s Largest DDC Networks​
  • seamless internet connectivity

DriveNets Network Cloud-AI presents a unique and innovative architecture that offers the high performance and scale of a fabric interconnect solution and the cost-effectiveness of an open, disaggregated cloud model.