Solution Overview

DriveNets Network Cloud changes the way networks are built. A single architecture serves all network scenarios. This architecture allows cloud and network operators to evolve their peering and core network, using a unified infrastructure, without the limitations and constraints of past, monolithic architectures.

Peer everywhere

Standalone peering functionality or integrated with other network functions


Utilize core infrastructure for peering functionality, no additional hardware

Carrier grade

Ensure high availability


The network peering function is a critical part of the networking infrastructure. It requires scaling in terms routing table exchange and network architecture evolution, which calls for additional peering points in different locations of the network.

DriveNets Network Cloud addresses these challenges by changing the network paradigm – building networks like cloud – scalable, elastic, cost-efficient and simple to manage.

Based on a distributed disaggregated chassis architecture, the Network Cloud solutions allows cloud and network operators to implement a feature rich peering network function over a standalone box or as a part of a cluster which also implements core, aggregation or edge functionality.


  • DriveNets Network Cloud peering solution – a highly flexible and scalable peering solution.
    • Geo-flexibility – implement as a network function add-on over any cluster, alongside core, aggregation and/or edge functions.
    • Reuse of under-utilized resources for other network domains: core network under-utilize compute, TCAM and QoS resources which could be used in peering network, implemented over the same cluster.
  • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership via lower cost hardware and more efficient software architecture.
  • High availability with built-in self-healing mechanisms, distributed architecture (no single point of failure)


  • Higher visibility, for management and diagnostics, from hardware component level to software container, with distributed fabric
  • Simplified operations with unified building blocks, orchestration and management
    • Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
    • Automated life-cycle management for seamless upgrades, health management and more
  • Future proof, open standard, cloud-native architecture:
    • OCP DDC-compliant hardware
    • Data and control planes disaggregation
    • Microservice architecture
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