Cloud Nets VideosSeptember 28, 2022

Season 2 Ep 11: The Biggest Disaggregated Router in the World

The largest disaggregated router in the world

For the season finale of CloudNets, we went to see the largest router in the world run by DriveNets. We shared 3 very important things and once you know these 3 things, you’re going to know everything about Network Cloud.

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Full Transcript

Hi, and welcome back to CloudNets. This is CloudNets season two finale and we have our expert for season finale, Run. Hi, Run.
Hello, Run.
And this chapter is especially for you, switch huggers! We’re going to look into the largest router in the world, disaggregated router, right here in the left. Run, what are we going to see there?
We’re going to see three very important things. Once you know these three things, you’re going to know everything about Network Cloud. Top, top secret. And this is why we will need a key.
All right. So here we go. Into the lab.
Let’s go into the lab.
Go right in.
It’s a loud lab. Yeah.
So three things we need to know about CloudNets.
This was super exciting. It’s a good season finale.
I’ll try to wrap it up. If you know these three things, you know everything you need to know about Network Cloud.
I hope you pay attention because this will not happen again. We got a one time permit to shoot this. Thank you very much for watching season two.
We’re going to be back with season three and some nice surprises. There’s a big something we’re going to talk about that we cannot talk about today. The other thing, but this is season three. Thank you very much for watching.
There’s a 360 version. We will also upload this so you can look not at us, but at the footage, because this is what you came to see. Thank you, Run, for everything you did for us.
It’s my pleasure.
Thank you for watching. See you in season 3. Bye.