VideosJune 20, 2022

Avoid vendor lock

Time to Build Networks Like Cloud

The traditional model of single-service network boxes encourages vendor lock, locking service providers into using the same vendor software and hardware. Purchasing network equipment software and hardware from the same vendor can weaken the negotiating position of a service provider’s procurement team, eliminating the possibility to mix and match vendors, driving up costs and leading to reduced opportunities for cost savings and cost avoidance. Service providers pay a substantial premium (ranging up to 300%) for closed branded network devices.  The closed single-vendor model slows down innovation since traditional vendors may be slower in introducing new and disruptive technologies than newer challengers looking to penetrate the market.

Instead of continuing down the single-vendor “black-box” path, service providers should consider purchasing best-of-breed networking hardware and software, sold independently, from a number of different vendors. Just using two types of basic commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) building blocks that are available from multiple vendors, DriveNets Network Cloud frees service providers from vendor lock-in, allowing them to rapidly leverage new technologies, swap components and platforms, and switch vendors. This mitigates exposure to supply chain disruptions, enabling the adoption of emerging technologies that may be incompatible with an incumbent vendors’ proprietary technologies. DriveNets Network Cloud allows hardware to be mixed & matched in a cluster, where hardware and software sold independently from different/multiple vendors ,offering full flexibility, growth, and investment protection.