VideosJune 20, 2022

Deploy network functions

Time to Build Networks like Cloud​

Networks are changing, because what we want from them is changing. In the past, they were all about connections, and most saw the IP core as the heart of the network. Today, it’s all about rich services, and that includes feature hosting, edge computing, and personalization of services can’t be done deep in the core where too many users are served. Network operators need to manage costs to sustain acceptable return on infrastructure, but they also need to raise top-line revenues from new services.

The models for function hosting have been tied too closely to the monolithic-boxes model of networking’s past. They need to be tied to the cloud; the thing that’s networking’s future. DriveNets, whose disaggregated Network Cloud model of routing, already breaks the monolithic-box barrier, is offering a true cloud-compatible pathway to network functions

There is a new way of building networks for communication service providers, hyperscalers and other network operators. The DriveNets Network Cloud architecture is essential in any modern network as is it the only one that can integrate compute and networking resources while addressing service providers’ cost, scaling and innovation challenges.

DriveNets’ disaggregated model is truly a “network cloud”, with an understanding of the intricate and complex process of creating unity of function from a distributed implementation, while extending the Network Cloud to support other applications directly, and exposing security/stability-managed APIs to accelerate those applications to the Network Cloud.

DriveNets Network Cloud allows communications service providers (CSPs) and cloud providers to evolve their infrastructure and enable the implementation of an efficient edge cloud architecture that also supports latency sensitive applications. Moreover, Network Cloud delivers performance improvements and significantly reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by using telco assets in an optimal way