Cloud Nets VideosNovember 18, 2021

Episode 4 Network Orchestration

What is orchestration?

Orchestration is the secret sauce that puts everything together in the distributed disaggregated system.

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Hi, you’re back with us.
Good for you and good for us.
Welcome back to Cloud Nets, where networks meet cloud.
And today in Cloud Nets, we’re going to talk about Orchestration.
Orchestration is a very important thing and for that
I brought our Orchestration Expert, Run.
Thank you for joining.
Thank you for inviting me.
What is Orchestration and why do we need to talk about it?

First, the long answer.
The long answer is that Orchestration is the secret sauce that puts everything together in the Distributed Disaggregated system. You need something to act like a virtual distributed chassis and connect all the bits and pieces into one harmonized infrastructure.

What is the short answer?
One of the three things you need to remember in order to understand what is Orchestration.. Run?

Three things.
First is Automation.
Second is Service Introduction,
and the third is Simplified Operations.
I’ll explain.
First off, Automation.
You need to look at the cluster, not as if it’s one huge problem that you need to solve, but it’s a collection of many small problems which repeat themselves all the time. So enabling an automatic process in order to solve multiple smaller problems one time and time again makes it a very simple element to maneuver or to operate.

Cool. Number 2?

Two is about service introduction.
Launching a new service into action is as simple as a click of a button, because it’s all based on software. Once the infrastructure is already in place, launching or turning on a new software, a new service, a new pilot in a new geography is a click of a button, and analyzing these services as they come into play becomes very, very simple. Innovation becomes enabled as a result of this. Some call it the CI/CD. It’s just like CI/CD, only, in this case, more practical approach of CI/CD, not the theoretical kind of obstacle that CI/CD brought into the game. simplified operations.

The third item is about that the same cluster is in place, and it serves multiple different groups within the service provider. These groups are used to looking at that device as if it’s their own, so they’re going to be granted with the same look and feel as what they had until now. A same, a similar networking look and feel. Even though that same infrastructure is serving other groups, they will not go… This will go undetected. So if I’m in networking, I will still see a router. If I’m a security guy, I will still see a firewall, even though they use the same infrastructure. Precisely that, precisely that.

Ok, that’s great.
And those are 3 things we learned today that explain what is Orchestration.
So the first was Automation.
The second was Service Introduction in a very fast and efficient manner,
and the third was Simplified Operations.

Thank you for watching.
Thank you for joining.
See you next time on
Cloud Nets. Bye bye.