DriveNets Builds Networks Like Hyperscale Clouds

Recently I presented at Networking Field Day 22. It was the first of four sessions about DriveNets, where I gave...

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A Recap of DriveNets at Networking Field Day

Networking Field Day is not like any other event we participate in. Imagine presenting to just over a dozen hand-picked...

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Learn About Disaggregated Network’s High Availability from your Beagle

If you’ve ever owned a beagle, you know how difficult it is to keep it healthy and alive 24/7. Beagles...

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DriveNets (new brand): The Courage to Disrupt

DriveNets was built by networking die-hards who believe that growing the value of the network requires bold actions. ...

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Why Network Disaggregation is Getting Adopted by Tier 1 Service Providers

Network disaggregation presents a unique opportunity for network operators to benefit from the same advantages offered by the cloud —...

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Beyond NFV: Bringing the Cloud to the Network

Despite its promise to lower CapEx, improve service agility and reduce vendor lock-in, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has not lived...

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