April 29, 2021


Keynote: Building 5G networks at scale: When cloud RAN meets Network Cloud

Israeli company DriveNets’ cloud-native technologies will provide a software-based networking solution for US telecoms giant AT&T

The 5G cloud-native architecture brings unique opportunities for cost-reduction, faster time to market and operational flexibility, but also brings some challenges. One of the main challenges operators face is how to build a cloud-native, yet scalable network architecture. A compute-based cloud architecture is optimized for the compute-intense control plane functions (e.g., CU-UP, AMF and SMF). The user plane functions (e.g., CU-UP, UPF, DU and RU) are networking focused. As such, scalability of those functions is limited when implemented on a compute-based cloud. The Network Cloud architecture from DriveNets overcomes these technological obstacles to deliver on the promise of this new architecture.

  • Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2021
  • Time: 1:15 PM (Brazil Time)

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