CollateralMarch 23, 2021

DriveNets Total Cost of Ownership Brochure

Evaluating a technological solution always involves two main aspects: technical and commercial. While the technical aspect is usually straightforward to compare between multiple alternatives, based on the specifications and capabilities of each solution, the commercial aspect requires a wider view that covers all associated costs and benefits for each solution.
DriveNets Disaggregated Networks TCO New call-to-action Such a view needs to take into consideration not only the direct costs of the solution, but also the indirect costs, and create a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis. Technology has changed. Datacenters evolved into clouds.

Today service providers apply the benefits of the cloud into their network, starting to build networks like cloud, moving away from a vendor specific, single-service-router model to a model of an agile, shared network resource.
The introduction of the DriveNets Network Cloud technology not only transforms the way networks are built, but it also holds a huge potential for saving money and increasing revenues, with no hidden costs. Artificially forced comparisons between Cloud-based solutions and legacy chassis-based solutions, is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

In a cloud-based solution, the efficiency and value are based on the abstraction of all hardware resources. This abstraction increases hardware utilization to a new level.