Industry EventsOctober 4, 2022

India Mobile Congress: Global CTO Conclave: Building a connected ecosystem for next Techade

India Mobile Congress: Global CTO Conclave: Building a connected ecosystem for next Techade

Our IMC2022 session featuring DriveNets networking experts Run Almog and Sunil Mayenkar, presenting at the India Mobile Congress.
As well as the following distinguished participants:
* Bejoy Pankajashan, EVP, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Mavenir
* Randeep Sekhon, CTO, Bharti Airtel
* Bryan Tan, Director Connectivity Ecosystem, Meta
* Gautam Billa, VP International Sales Engineering, Ciena
* Azhar Sayeed, Chief technologist, Global Telecommunications, Red Hat
* Magnus Ewerbring, Ericsson
* Akhilesh Tuteja, Global Head Cyber Security Consulting, KPMG India

Full Transcript

And it’s running core routers in tier one operators worldwide. So it’s definitely there, it’s definitely working.
But we can enable a lot more once we enable different applications.

When we were talking about cloud gaming, the key aspect perhaps the number one or even the only one which really matters, it’s latency. How far is the application? Which is running the rendering function from the user? Who is consuming
it? And that’s what dictates the user experience. So when we’re talking about 5G, 5G is not faster, it’s wider and it’s bandwidth. It doesn’t make this run faster throughout the network. Speed of light is the speed of light and we’re not going to change that.

So what we can do is we can pull the application closer to where the application is being consumed. And this is where each edge computing is coming into play. Now, eventually there is going to be a network in between where the application is being consumed, the user and where it’s being run, the compute session. There is always going to be a network. And the closest that you can get to getting the application closer to the network is actually running it in the network itself. Now, in terms of location, it can be practically anywhere.

And in the fact that we’re taking physical infrastructure and we are creating an abstraction of it means that we can consume that resource compute or network or storage or whatnot as resources where they are deployed. So that in a
way pulls in the application much closer to where it’s been consumed. So all of this is being enabled by creating this level of abstraction between what software application runs on top and this level of disaggregation that in 5G was
kind of dictated by 3G definitions.

We kind of boiled it down to the backbone of the network and we’re applying it on infrastructure.