VideosJanuary 11, 2022

It’s time to simplify the network.​

Build it like cloud​

Today’s networks are based on proprietary hardware-centric router infrastructure. Due to the monolithic design of the router, these networks are service-oriented, meaning that even in networks that are colocated, each service (whether a mobile backhaul, internet edge, business service or core network) runs on its own batch of dedicated chassis-based routers. Since these dedicated resources cannot be shared as a pool of network resources, it results in an inefficient and costly physical infrastructure. Networks are designed for peak usage, leaving them severely underutilized most of the time.

DriveNets Network Cloud architecture is flexible and modular, enabling a variety of deployment models.  DriveNets Network Cloud takes the big router and breaks it down into white box building blocks, running cloud-based software on top of it. It disaggregates the control and data planes, allowing each to scale independently. The control-plane runs on x86 servers and the data plane is implemented with a cluster of white boxes. The data plane is built from just two building blocks: Network Cloud Packet Forwarder (NCP) and Network Cloud Fabric (NCF), and it scales from a single standalone solution of 4-12.8Tbps to a large cluster of 691.2Tbps made of dozens of white boxes operating as a single routing entity.